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I Tried Out the ZeroWater Filtration System

ZeroWater Pitcher Plus Tester

I tried out the ZeroWater 5-stage advanced filtration system to see how it filtered my tap water. I have to say – I was impressed. The five stage filter system really works! When I use the handy ZeroWater tester on bottled water versus the ZeroWater filtered water, the filtered water had less particles and contaminants in the water.

ZeroWater testing stick showing contaminants in the water.


The photo above shows water that is contaminated. The idea of ZeroWater is that with the right filtration there should be zero contaminants in your water. I’m really picky about the product reviews I do, but lately clean water has been top of mind. Its more economical and has less of a negative carbon footprint than bottled water. Plus, ZeroWater units take up less room than bottled water dispensers.

Right now I’m just using the handy Zerowater filtration system pitcher shown at the top of this page but I’m looking at buying the 40 Cup Ready Pour Dispenser pictured above. It sits on the counter and can be used all day long! Great for events too.

The other options is the 23 cup dispenser. This is nice because you can fit it into your refrigerator. Nothing beats a glass of cold, filtered water! Thanks ZeroWater for sending me the pitcher to try out. I am a new fan!


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