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Why the Parents Education League is a Must Have Membership

desiree lapinIts rare that we get to catch up with Desiree Lapin, the woman who launched Parents Education League (PEL) and keeps it going year after year, but when we do its always a pleasure. Desiree has a true passion for helping families and for childhood education, two essential traits that make her a key player in what makes PEL so special. Whenever I see Desiree’s name on a roster somewhere I know thats its going to be a great event.

PEL was founded to help take the guesswork out of finding the right preschool for your child. Its a daunting process. That’s why there are admissions advisors in business throughout LA, to help you figure it out. We happen to think Parents Education League (PEL) raises the bar in this arena. As a non-profit organization they are able to offer the most comprehensive and unbiased information out there. You can search their website for information on schools. attend their events, fairs and workshops or meet with their advisors. Your annual membership of only $95 includes all of the above. Yup all of them. Plus you’ll receive their much coveted and sought after annual directory. You will spend much more in just one session with an independent admissions advisor and you won’t get all of the above bells and whistles that PEL offers.

The last time we setup shop at the Biggest Baby Shower Ever we brought with us products and books from our partner organizations. We can’t count the number of times people asked if they could have or tried to walk off with our annual copy of the PEL Guide to Preschools. PEL also hosts an annual Summer Days Camp Fair where you can meet one-on-one with representatives form day camps throughout LA. If you’re new to the Summer Camp experience PEL brings the top camps to you all in one place so can you discover for yourself which camps will be the best fit for your child.

PEL has two events coming up this week. On Tuesday, October 27 they have a waitlist in effect for their LAUSD Magnets, Charters, & Permit Transfers event.  On Wednesday, October 28th they are hosting an Eastside Preschool Admissions Panel event. As a PEL member you can attend events at no additional fee. As a MomAngeles Perks Card member you can SAVE $20 off your PEL Family Private Consultation/Advisory Session. To stay in the loop on PEL be sure to sign up for their newsletter.

PEL is also a MomAngeles Perks Partner. Log in to our site to see Perks Offered from PEL and all of our Perks Partners! See PEL’s listing here.

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