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Where To See the California Poppies

The California Poppies are in bloom throughout the state, thanks to an unusual amount of rain this season. The fields of gold are truly a site to behold. There are a number of places to visit around Los Angeles to see the majesty of this eruption of color and the beauty of all these wildflowers. Lake Elsinore is often a poppy lover’s first choice but the throngs of people headed that way have created congestion, traffic and even closures in areas around the lake. NBC offers this list of 11 Places to See Poppies That Are not Lake Elsinore including Malibu Creek State Park, Santa Catalina Island, the Palos Verdes Peninsula and Point Mugu State Park in Oxnard. We took their advice and drove out to Antelope Valley, which as you can see from the pictures was well worth the drive!



The above image was our view while waiting in line to enter the parking lot at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. Countless people were parking on the street outside the reserve and walking into the park as well.



There is a $10 fee to park in the lot and you must enter the park through the main entrance whether by car or foot.  You must stay on the trails. You are not allowed to pick the poppies.  Be prepared for very strong winds, bring jackets and if wearing a hat make sure its one that won’t blow away in the wind. And watch out for rattle snakes.



No dogs are allowed into the poppy fields (but you can hold them up in the parking lot and make it look like they were in the field for pictures). I’ve seen many pictures of dogs in the poppy fields in social media. Please be wary of the delicate flowers and don’t allow them to be trampled when pulling over to shoot your pooch pictures.



There are several paths that take you up to the top for a spectacular view of the poppies.  “La Sabanilla de San Pasqual is the name the Spanish sailors gave to the glorious fields of poppies which blanketed the California shores in the late 1700’s…they were described as rivers of gold.” (Quote from Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve) Standing at the top looking across the fields one can see why.



Check out my Instagram feed for video of the poppies moving in the wind and even more pictures of the poppies in my Stories!

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