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Watch the Gray Whale Migration at Point Dume State Beach in Malibu

Its gray whale migration season and these megaton beauties are heading North from their breeding ground in Baja with baby calves in tow to their Summer feeding grounds in Alaska. Last weekend we spotted dozens of them swimming very close to the Point Dume State Beach shoreline, along with schools of dolphins and even a few sea lions. You only have a few more weeks to see these beauties yourself as they are heading to Alaska by May / June.



Point Dume State Beach is located past The Sunset restaurant on Westward Beach Road on the tip of Point Dume. You can easily see the whales just standing on the beach. They swim close to the shoreline to keep their calves out of the deeper water where killer whales hunt them.


There’s a rock formation on the beach that people can hike up get a better view of the whales. From up there you can see the full bodies of the whales as they swim very close to the water’s surface. Its also a popular spot for rock wall climbing and repelling.



The weekend we were there they were taking a few days off from a movie shoot. There was a broken plane set on the beach, meant to look like a tropical beach crash landing.


Since its a state park there is a fee of $8 to park in their lot, but its a lot less than whale watching excursions. If you want to do a whale watching excursion we recommend heading North to San Francisco as that’s the direction they are heading right now. Hidden SF has some great suggestions.


See map below for directions to Point Dume State Beach.


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