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TV Time App Helps You Stay On Top of Your TV Watching

TV Time just helped me get my tv watching organized so I don’t miss anything! I’m often posting in social media about my favorite shows, producers, directors and actors. C’mon this is LA, we are content obsessed. This is where most of it is made. This is where the magic happens. And over the years I’ve befriended people in the industry so I want to show my support and love for their hard work.(Ok – the show image below isn’t an LA show but I couldn’t get a good shot of Playing House on my iPhone.)

In the past I’ve added release dates to my Google Calendar but NOW, I’ve got TV Time. This app is so cool. You create a profile and check off all the shows you’re watching or want to watch. You can check off which seasons you’ve completed, this way you won’t be shown any comments that would be spoilers and ruin your watching experience.

How many times have you sifted through Hulu and Amazon and Netflix trying to see if a show you want to watch is streaming there? Dozens. Now you don’t have to. Put your shows into TV Time and where they air and when is right there on the show profile including a show description, ratings, comments, actors, similar shows and links to Wikipedia and IMDB, in case you need a little more detail. You can even click on the streaming network icon and it will link right to the show and starting streaming it for you!  Ba-bam!

Want to make sure you don’t miss a series premiere or award show?  Add it to your TV Time profile and then on your iPhone swipe RIGHT to your Updates page, scroll to the bottom where it says “edit” and add TV Time to your page. The app will even show you how much time you’ve spent watching TV which is kinda good to know because sometimes you should just put away the devices and read a book…a printed one…not on a device.




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