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“Totes Ya’ll” Reese Witherspoon Launches Draper James

reese-witherspoon-draper-jamesAs if Reese didn’t have enough to do raising a family, posting fun pics on Instagram, running her production company and – oh yeah – starring in Academy Award winning movies – she just launched an ecommerce site! Draper James features items made in the South and made with a love of the South. A Nashville native, Reese wanted to create an online destination to highlight the many diverse and talented people doing things in the South. The site was named after her grandparents, Dorothea Draper and William James, and many of the items created on the site are reminders of family traditions and memories of her childhood, like her favorite pair of pearl earrings from her mother.

As a Southern girl myself – I’m from Atlanta ya’ll – I totes get it! There’s nothing we Southern girls love more than beverage napkins and coasters with cute little sayings and custom stationary. No seriously. Its part of how we entertain. My girlfriend Christine always entertains at her farm just outside of Atlanta with adorable place signs, monogrammed napkins and mason jars for glasses. Everything is thought out. Christine’s wedding was a Southern delight with those strings of large lightbulbs under a creamy white tent and long wooden banquet tables loaded with wildflowers. The highlight of the wedding was her husband singing  to her with a bluegrass band under the roof of a 1920’s coal mining multi-room dwelling converted to a quaint mountaintop B&B in the North Georgia mountains. I call her the Martha Stewart of the South. She is definitely Reese’s target market! Maybe I’ll get to intro them to each other one day!

Reese takes her commitment to supporting Southern artists and culture a step further by including a blog on her site called “Love Reese” tells the stories of the folks she meets and profiles her travels throughout the South. I for one will be tuning in! Nashville is on the top of my list of Southern towns to visit. I’m sure Reese will have some great tips on her blog for where to go and what to do once I get there!

And make sure you follow them on Instagram @draperjamesgirl. The genius team handling the social media posted images in a certain order so that when you scroll down their profiles page Draper James is spelled out in blue letters in between images from the site. Its pretty darn cute! Whatever the critics are saying – we are holding our own and giving Reese props for doing something creative and fun that supports the creative community from her home town and around the South. That’s exactly what we try to do at MomAngeles. Hmmm…..our shop is coming soon!

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