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TOP 5 Ways to Battle Tired Eyes with Kristin & Laura

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Tired eyes are a serious mom issue. The kids are back in school and you are happy…and tired. The early mornings can create some seriously bleary Mommy Eyes. Here are Kristin and Laura’s top 5 Find the audio link of this list here and more lifestyle tips at

  1. Time for a disclaimer. The writing on this package says NOT to use this anywhere other than directed. And I’m sure you know I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on tv- I don’t really do much acting anymore. Now that I’ve made that medical disclaimer… I have a confession to make; I put butt cream on my face.The rumors are true. This old-school trick has been used for years. I learned about Preparation H for under-eye bags saved me on those 3:30am call times for morning news. If you’ve been eating saltly foods, drinking too much wine, or you just got off a plane & you need to be on camera (up close) then a make-up artists may whip out the hemorrhoid cream. Just a little dab, careful not to get close to the lash-line. In my personal experience, I have reached for that blue & yellow box in cases of extreme eye-baggage emergency, and it made me look temporarily “not tired” long enough to do the news with a smile.
  2. When you wake up with the entire Samsonite line of baggage under your eyes, try All Eyes On Me from MaskerAide. The two hydrating pads lay on your under eyes and feel AMAZING (plus give you a great reason to lay back down for a few minutes with your eyes shut…zzzzz) and you will actually look less puffy and more perky. And what body parts can we regularly say that about??
  3. Every single morning I use an eye gel because it’s just hydrating enough, but mostly feels cool & calms my puffy eyes. Later in my routine I add an under eye crème & a brightener. In my experience, the concealer should go on last because after applying foundation, you may not even need it!The gel I like to use most comes from Perfekt Beauty. It’s called Eye Perfection Gel. It has a cool metal applicator which feels like a chilled compress. The gel feels silky & lays down under my eyes almost like a primer. I let it sink in & do it’s magic while I finish dressing & doing my hair. By the time I’m out the door, my sleepy/puffy eyes are gone too.
  4. INSIDER HOLLYWOOD TIP: Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT saves the day. This is a staple of make-up artists and beauty gurus; a light and bright luminizing pen made to brighten your under eyes. I haven’t been able to make it cover the super deep bags, but can give an overall boost to the face – maybe the more movie star types don’t need the level of spackle that I do. Make it a staple of your morning routine.
  5. Turn Around Bright eyes! I’ve got a skin-care company that goes back with me almost as far as my music references. ORIGINS was my go-to for a lot of beauty products but the one that I am sure to never run out of is the Eye Brightening Color Stick. When you see it, don’t shy away. You might look at the light blue chubby pencil & wonder what you’d do with it.  This trick goes inside the eye. Line the inside of your lower lid above the lash-line. The whitish blue tone wakes up the entire eye AND makes your whites look even whiter. I pop a little on a eye-shower also. It’s a two-fer for great eyes. It’s a total eclipse of the … tired mommy look.  Turn around bright eyes! Lookin good!

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