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TOP 5 Trendy Snacks for Kids with Kristin & Laura

Check out these Top 5 Trendy Snacks for Kids

Check out these Top 5 Trendy Snacks for Kids

Sick of the same old same old snacks for your kids? Here are Kristin and Laura’s fresh ideas for lunches and after school nibbles. Find the audio link of this list here & more lifestyle tips at

  1. What do most parents do when they hear the words “Peanut” and “Kids” in the same sentence? They FREAK OUT! Well no need to get stressed about the peanut butter snacks Cheeky Monkey, they are the perfect first peanut food for babies. Studies have shown that an early introduction of peanuts to babies may avoid allergies down the road. Plus, they are totally delish for the grown kids (and adults) so it’s a total win. Of course follow your doctors advice regarding your baby and find Cheeky Monkey on Facebook!
  2. Let’s keep hearing it from the Peanut Gallery. I, Kristin, also have something to say about the Peanut. If you have older kids who have an allergy to peanut products OR you attend a school that simply doesn’t allow peanut-based foods on campus, then I have the solution. Born out of her frustration with the peanut butter alternatives on the market, one mom took matters into her own hands, and all kinds of seeds & other nuts into her own kitchen.Finally she developed a recipe both of her boys loved. That’s how NuttZo Organic Peanut Free Seven Nut & Seed Butter was born. They have a great tasting Organic Peanut-free spread with delicious ingredients like chia seeds & cashews, providing 6g of protein per serving with only 1g of sugar. I’ve got a Peanut-Free P&J in one hand & a high five in the other!
  3. Want a fun kid snack? KABOB it! Kabobs are all the rage on Pinterest these days, featuring fun, kid-friendly takes on the traditional meat and veggie stick. Try your hand at fruit kabobs, chicken nugget and cheeses kabobs, or even use the shaved down inside of a carrot stick as your skewer. Follow this link for ideas or catch Kristin’s blog-kabob here.
  4. What are the drink options for kids, really? We want them to drink water, but they want something sweet & tasty. We discovered a drink-box that made us happy moms, while satisfying our kid’s cravings. DRAZIL KIDS TEA. Hey, juice is better than reaching for a soda, right? But we wanted something with less sugar & fewer calories than juice. And plus… how much apple juice can one kid drink before swearing off apples for life!? LOL Drazil Kids Tea is made of naturally caffeine-free rose hip, rooibos, hibiscus, pomegranate, and strawberry teas. Blended with an infusion of white grape, apple, and passion fruit juice. No added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. No artificial flavors, colors, additives, or sweeteners. And moms, here’s where we get bonus points. 1 box provides a full day’s supply of vitamin C with antioxidants and minerals to boost the immune system. We’ll drink to that!
  5. Ok, I’m not a crafty/kitcheny kind of mom (this is Laura, BTW) but even I can handle this idea that might make breakfast way better…Popsicle Parfaits!Layer Greek yogurt, fruit, granola, and a bit on honey in popsicle molds with a stick and freeze. Imagine a school day breakfast where there is no breakfast making or dishes, and minimal whining…heavenly, right?

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