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Top 5 Best of LA ICE CREAM with Kristin & Laura

top 5 ice creamWe all SCREAM for Ice Cream, but not as loud as your kids can!!!!! It’s hot. Let’s cool off with a sweet treat: If you’re wanting to take your ice cream to the next level OR re-live the funnest birthdays of the 1970’s OR get totally Vegan soft-serve goodness.. Then Kristin & Laura’s Top 5 list of Ice Cream places for the whole family, is for you. There is a flavor for you & you & you & you. An array of different scenery & cities are covered in this round-up.

1.If you are wanting to take your ice cream to the next level, check out Sweet Rose Creamery in Santa Monica. They have a variety of unique flavors that rotate based on what they find at the Farmer’s Market that week including standards like Peaches N’ Cream, bold tastes like Summer Corn, and even non-dairy deliciousness like dreamy Dark Chocolate. There are more of them around town including the Palisades and Brentwood, so check out their website for details. I’m drooling just thinking about it…

2. Remember Farrells??? The most fun birthday party place in all of the 70’s is still going strong, featuring a full restaurant and ice cream parlor. Locations for this sweeeeeet joint include Brea, Rancho Cucamonga, and Riverside and has the info.  Revisit a time when your kid heart burst with joy at bubble gum ice cream and servers in pin-striped vests.

3. We can thank the 80’s hipsters for putting Mashti Malone’s Ice Cream & Sorbets on the map. The Star Map, that is. This has been a Hollywood hot-spot since 1980 with delicious ingredients to improve your health & wellbeing.  I enjoyed it in the 90’s with a scoop after meeting friends at the Lava Lounge next door.  This has been a popular little mini mall for years, & you’ve probably driven right past it. Don’t plan to sit & linger. Grab a parking spot if you can, & take your scoops to-go. For a refreshing treat, I recommend my favorite, the Rosewater Ice. Kids like the creamy mango best. Of course Mashti Malone’s is known for their pistachios so you can’t go wrong with one of those choices, & their website will tell you all the benefits from their pure ingredients- it’s a must click. Trust me.

4. Hand-crafted A la Minute Ice Cream, in Redlands. Guess how long it takes to make? So this adorable (& super smart) young couple kstarted this ice cream store with an elevated way to experience the art of the ice cream. They use 100% organic ingredients, and use liquid nitrogen to freeze tiny batches or gourmet flavors. With 3 locations now (& I bet more to come) each location has it’s signature mix, like the Avocado Custard topped with Honey Water & Wafer Chip. From Strawberry Balsamic to an elegantly simple Mint Chip, there is something for everybody. And their Affogato is definitely for moms.

5. For me, Ice Cream doesn’t get any better than when you mix it with a Mexican Taco stand. And with that said, there is nothing more authentically LA, then the Vegan Soft-Serve ice cream at HUGO’s Taco Stand in Studio City. In the heat of Summer you can count of the icey non-dairy goodness from this family owned restaurant. Vanilla, Chocolate or swirl. Walk away from the window with a light & sweet treat that’s perfect for Vegans or kids who don’t tolerate milk well. While you’re there, I recommend following their motto “See the taco, Eat the taco!”. All their taco fillings are delicioso, & I could drink their Honey Chipotle salsa. Hey Chef Nabor! What about a Honey Chipotle Ice Cream Sundae on the menu? That’s it I gotta Hugo’s craving.. I ate so much of this stuff when I was pregnant. Laura’s gonna have to wrap up this one. ¡Buen provecho!

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