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The Riveter Stories: Female Founders Explain How They Built It

co-working space The Riveter launches web series

The Riveter just launched, The Riveter Stories, a conversational web series with host Amy Nelson, Founder and CEO of The Riveter, interviewing accomplished women who are leaders in their industry. Each week The Riveter will release a new video featuring established female founders including Delali Kpodzo of ONYX, Aimee Helfand of Famileague, Jen Saxton of TotSquad, Kelly Boyer of Paleta, Dani Apgar or RapportBoostAI and Katie Ann Rosen Kitchens of FabFitFun telling you how they did it, bumps in the road and all. 

In episode one of The Riveter Stories, The Riveter’s Founder and CEO Amy Nelson sits down with Delali Kpodzo, Co-Founder of ONYX to discuss what inspired her to start her business. My favorite quote from this video?

“When walking into an investor meeting you need to anticipate all the reasons they are going to say no. Address it up front…You have to pre-empt because they will appreciate that you spent time anticipating their questions.”

ONYX is a space for Black Women to discover and explore beauty and the products that work best, learn how to manage beauty and get a regular dose of Black Girl Magic inspiration. Their innovative beauty subscription provides top-of-the-line products and their team pays full attention to every detail.

The Riveter Stories Delali Kpodzo

As they say “At The Riveter, we believe in the power of a story to make a difference in the lives of others.  Powerful stories can encompass a big life moment, from getting your degree or promotion to having a child or moving abroad (or both). Inspiring stories also can come from more ordinary daily moments, from what it takes to manage work and life priorities to a best-kept secret of how to fit in a workout or read 30 books in a year.

Often, women’s stories aren’t heard. It is our mission to change that fact and amplify the work and success that female founders and leaders are doing in their professional and personal lives. This is why we started The Riveter Stories, a web series to shine a light on the incredible work that female founders do and how they’ve overcome significant obstacles along the way.”

Nix|Gerson Productions and The Riveter Stories

Oh…and one more thing. The series is produced by Nix|Gerson Productions. Who is that you say?  Why none other than my sister, Rona Nix and myself!!! We launched a production company to showcase women’s stories and we’re proud the announce that The Riveter Stories is our first official series we developed and produced. This series is the foundation of the type of stories we strive to tell. I will be sharing our productions on MomAngeles as well.

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