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The MomBuster! A Hilarious Video Series “Loving” or “Busting” Products and Advice for Parents


the-mombusterThere is a new online  video series in town, taking a fresh spin on traditional product testing and reviews, and we are in love with it! It’s called The MomBuster – check it out!  Our very own, Laura Nickerson is busting myths for parents testing products, blog posts, and parenting advice to see if real moms and dads will “Love it” or if it’s “Busted.”

Why do we love The MomBuster? Because it’s product testing for actual parents, ones who are stressed for time and have minimal crafting and cooking skills. Plus it’s hilarious. And it’s hosted by our own Laura Nickerson, who as you know from our other MomAngeles videos, loves to find the fun in the crazy region of Mommyland.

When can you see it? How about right now? Here are the last 5 episodes. If you like it, make sure to share, find @TheMomBuster on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and IG, and comment with your ideas on what to test next.

The MomBuster: Baby Food Taste Test

The MomBuster: Munchkin Snack Catcher

The MomBuster: Flat Iron Shirt Challenge

The MomBuster: DIY Trick or Treat Bags

The MomBuster: Arc InstaTemp Non-Touch Thermometer

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