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Talking Tea with Lawrence Charles of Charles & Co. at the Malibu Pier

I met Lawrence Charles of Charles & Company Tea at the farmers market one Sunday afternoon in Pacific Palisades. It was the beginning of a friendship that has spanned many years and many events. In that time Lawrence has been part of many MomAngeles events, hosted or participated in numerous women’s event and conferences and has hosted numerous celebrity teas including a tea at the British Consulate with actress Victoria Summer. An avid community activist Lawrence is passionate about women’s issues and even launched a kids initiative called Tea’d Up.  His charming personality, warmth and passion for tea has led him to form many friendships and fans including  becoming a favorite tea of the British Royal Family and Sir Anthony Hopkins. 



To get the true experience of Lawrence’s tea it helps to visit one of the locations that brew and serve his tea, like Malibu Farm. Lawrence and I sat down for a famous Malibu Farm F’Rose on the patio at Malibu Farm on the Pier to catch up and chat about tea. 



His passion for tea is infectious. As Lawrence says “No other beverage has the ability to positively affect the body, sooth the mind, and create opportunities for relaxed, enjoyable social interactions.” Lawrence’s love affair with tea is evident in his subtle, yet elegant loose leaf tea blends including Creamy Coconut, White Chocolate Roasted Tea, Passionfruit Jasmine (my favorite), his perfectly blended Earl Grey and English Breakfast and the most delicious Chai Tea you’ve ever tasted. 



After F’Rose we had to grab a pot of Lawrence’s incredibly delicious Indian Chai Tea. Malibu Farm, owner Helene Henderson, was one of the first people to catch-on to the bespoke, artisan tea experience that Lawrence created. Helene and Lawrence hosted a few dinners together at her home, later reuniting when she opened her restaurant. 



Malibu Farm features organic, farm-to-table fare in a sun-lit, beachy, ranch house inspired environment. Its the perfect place for a pot of Lawrence’s Indian Chai Tea, served with steamed milk in a custom blend that try as I may, I can’t seem to do at home. 



After our chai we wandered down the pier to shop at Ranch at the Pier (see post on The Malibu Pier for more details) and peek into the original Malibu Farm location, the cafe, where they serve breakfast on farm style benches with lambskin throws over them. Being this far out over the water changes the sound of the waves and enhances any dining experience. Or in this case, breakfast with a little hot cup of Long Stem Sencha.


But Malibu Farm isn’t the only LA locale that has caught C’n’C Tea fever. Just over the hill from Malibu in Calabasas is Pedlar’s Fork. The other partner in Lawrence’s tea experience. Pedlar’s Fork and its biking theme, complete with on site bike shop and walk-in coffee and tea shop, is a favorite local spot (full review coming soon). Lawrence’s tea is featured in the cafe and in the main restaurant. 


Charles & Co. Tea is branching into new venues and upscale hotels in the coming year and can also be found at the Malibu Farm Miami location. 

You can also purchase it online and have it shipped direct to your house. I’m still trying to get Lawrence to create a custom MomAngeles blend for me…something with rose and lavender in it would be ideal. 

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