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Surprise You’re Pregnant! Kristin’s First PAM

Kristin Cruz

Kristin CruzWhen I first shared about going on TV to promote “Pregnancy Awareness Month”, I had people calling my radio station with a bit of a laugh in their voice, saying: Women don’t know they are pregnant? Haha (Well, the Real answer is: You would be surprised! I have some stories for you! But that is a whole different kind of reality TV show , for another time.) The people behind PAM make sure, whatever your reality is, that you have the opportunity to be educated, connected and yes aware of all that comes along with pregnancy. It’s a LOT to handle. So they created a place where families come together once a year in LA for a FREE event, to share stories, hear experts speak, enjoy the day, and fill their bag with product samples. May 3, on the Westside, all day!  Get your free tickets now & follow @pregawareness on Twitter. READ MORE ON KRISTIN’S BLOG >>>

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