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SkinXFive Makes Mediclinical Skincare Fast, Effective and Affordable

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I’d seen the signs on the street for months, Ava MD is coming to Pacific Palisades. With eager anticipation I kept checking to see when they were opening…and just last week they did! SkinxFive is an outpost of AVA MD, a full service cosmetic dermatology practice in Beverly Hills. The idea is that you can maintain your youthful appearance with faster, less invasive treatments that get you in and out quickly. For more intensive treatments like lasers or body contouring, head to Beverly Hills.

If what you need is a quick pick me up or a regular maintenance plan then SkinxFive is your place! I love that everything is done with a machine  – even extractions! The machine gently extracts with a suction pull after being brought to the surface through exfoliation.

SkinxFive has five offerings:

  • The Refresher, a whisper-light peel that brings on the glow.
  • The Infuser, a deep down cleanse and repair duo.
  • The Lineless, subtle injection to unwrinkle.
  • The Spotless, laser to clear blemishes and age spots.
  • The Firminator,  a series of radiofrequency treatments to tighten up face, eyes, upper lip / chin, neck and hands.

The environment is beautifully done with bright modern color and lots of light. It feels very technical but homey. There’s a sink in the lounge area where you can wash your face and shop for products. The treatment rooms are simple and efficient, featuring very comfy treatment tables and their state of the art machines. But most of all the staff is state of the art. This team has been making people look younger for more than twenty years and they are trained in the most advanced treatments and products out there.

Be sure to stop by and see for yourself. Oh and they sell Ale by Alessandra super chic hats with UV protection in them. You can try them on right there in the lobby.

SkinXFive Lounge



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