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SEEDLING & PS ARTS: Play, Create & Inspire Your Kids!

WHEN a little idea turns into the next big thing, we forget sometimes that it always starts small. The women who are responsible for growing SEEDLING understand that, and promise to nurture the tiny beginning of any creative expression our little ones have. Through their fun products and their work with P.S. ARTS, the future looks bright.

On this Mommy Monday podcast for MomAngeles RADIO, we learn about SEEDLING through the eyes of their Senior Marketing Manager, Hillary Kaye and Sarah Reisert, Director of Relationship Marketing.

Join us and meet  Dr. Kristen Paglia, CEO, P.S. ARTS, to find out what you may have never known about the changes they’ve made in our schools. You’ll be inspired to get involved at home, in your own neighborhood, and beyond.

Do you have a creative seed of your own? Have you been growing an idea for a kid’s toy, event, or company? You’ll find the story behind the SEEDLING brand to be a lesson in entrepreneurship and empowerment, thanks to Founder & CEO Phoebe Hayman with partners Kara Nortman and Los Angeles Mom Soleil Moon Frye.

We’ll all learn tonight on the show and the learning just keeps on going! Want to know more? Listen to the whole podcast above.

Seedling Mask KitSeedling’s mission is to create beautiful, innovative family lifestyle products. We are passionate about the importance of growing young imaginations and celebrating the parenting journey one moment at a time. At Seedling, we want to make that journey a little bit easier and a lot more fun. As for the future, the sky is the limit as we continue to design groundbreaking products and digital experiences you and your family will love.

Founded in New Zealand in 2007, Seedling began with an initial launch of activity kits that sparked hours of imaginative play. The whimsical, nostalgic Pocket Money collection followed in 2012 and took the international toy world by storm, establishing Seedling as the go-to brand for stylish, quality children’s products.

With toys, gifts, activity kits and party supplies sold in over 20 countries through all consumer channels, Seedling continues to expand globally. 2014 marked the launch of US operations and a merger with family-oriented startup P.S. XO, which brought together Seedling founder and CEO Phoebe Hayman together with partners Kara Nortman and Soleil Moon Frye.


psarts-300x250P.S. Arts’ mission is to improve the lives of children by providing arts education to underserved public schools and communities. P.S. ARTS is the only organization in Southern and Central California that provides yearlong arts education in dance, visual arts, music, and theater arts to every child in a school during the regular school day. Without our programs, children in these underfunded school districts would not have access to the arts. P.S. ARTS also coordinates with school administrators and parent groups to provide community outreach services designed to increase community members’ capacity to advocate for educational equity and to provide critical cultural experiences for the entire family. P.S. ARTS arts programs help to level the educational playing field by teaching creative and cognitive skills to students struggling to overcome economic, ability, or literacy barriers that will better equip them to be competitive and successful people. With the high school dropout rate in Los Angeles County as high as 50% in recent years, the children in our community need the arts now more than ever. To read about more Causes We Love click here. 

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