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REVIEW: Dinosaur Hall and More at Natural History Museum

The all-new Dinosaur Hall recently opened at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. The hall features over 300 fossils and 20 complete mounts of dinosaurs and sea creatures and is a really impressive display. The kids “oohed” and “aahed” their way through, excitedly pointing out skeletons and guessing which dinosaur the bones belonged to. They loved the interactive screen that allowed the kids to view a skeleton from different angles! And they were really suprised to discover how small a T-Rex brain was compared to its enormous size. The hall is actually two halls and two stories. You can look up at the skeletons or down. We couldn’t decide which the kids found more enticing as the screams of excitement were equal at either viewing level.

One of the highlights of the day was the Dinosaur Encounter, a performance in one of the exhibition halls where a dinosaur expert demonstrates her knowledge of a T-Rex to the kids as a masterfully crafted (and a little frightening) man-sized T-Rex puppet roared and stomped around the stage. Definitely warn the kids ahead of time because it can be a little frightening to young ones. But really fun! Check times to see when performances are taking place.

As you can see in the above video the kids also visited the Insect Zoo, The Fin Whale Passage and the Discovery Room. Not sure which they loved more! The Insect Zoo was really interesting and allowed the kids to see unusual insects up close. The way the room is set up makes it easy to navigate and there are stools available as well. The Fin Whale passage was haunting and lovely as the sounds of the ocean and whale calls guide you under the skeleton of what was an enormous whale. In the Discovery Room kids can touch, feel, play and explore numerous animals, fossils and insects.  There is also an outdoor Butterfly Pavilion where kids can watch butterflies up close and personal. But beware the gift shop you have to walk through as you depart!

The cafe is newly renovated and lovely. Bathrooms were readily available throughout the museum. The museum itself is easy to get to, parking was abundant and the building has a great layout and is really easy to navigate. This was a fantastic day out for us MomAngelenos! We recommend you take advantage of the last few weeks before school starts and go! Get Tickets Here

PS – This is my first video blog and I am new to shooting and editing so please forgive the choppiness.

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