Pets Need Good Healthcare Too

My baby turned 10 today. The one shipped cross country from a breeder who I picked-up at the cargo hold of the Atlanta airport, after he had flown countless hours cross country to become mine. He was tiny and scared. The plane ride affected him deeply and when we moved to LA 4 years later he was still terrified of the sound of the engine, crying like a wounded monkey all through the airport and onto the plane. That same cry is also his happy cry – which can be confusing.  Its the same “ow ow owooo” sound he makes when he’s happy to see someone new or when driving in the car to go somewhere.

Che is my first baby. The one I held close to my chest as I slept those first few years. He still sleeps curled up alongside me. I am the one he trusts most. I am his mommy. We got Che to keep our other dog, Blue company. We got Che to keep her young and off the couch and happy. We couldn’t have picked a better best friend. According to our vet Blue is a “very spry old lady” at the age of 13. She still runs across the room for a toy or better yet, for a meal.  Although jumping up and down off the furniture isn’t so great anymore and I often find myself carrying Blue around the house. Right now as I type this post they are sleeping up against me, Che on my left leg Blue on my right – snoring loudly. They are always close to their mommy. Mommy couldn’t be happier.

Che and Blue

Che and Blue watching TV

I recently took Che and Blue in for their annual check-ups. With both of them getting older its important to see the vet more often. As I mentioned, Blue still manages to wow our vet. Pancreatitis and a cancer scare later she is still full of attitude, constantly demanding our affection and…our food. What do you expect?  She’s a pug! Che too is doing very well and despite regular ear infections he has never had any serious health issues. The medical expenses we wracked-up with Blue, however,  were outrageous. Thankfully we have VPI Pet Insurance. They have saved us in many an instance. I highly recommend you have pet insurance just in case anything serious ever comes up!

Our vets, Dr. Dean and Dr. Victor at the Malibu Coast Animal Hospital are also amazing. Having such wonderful pet medical care so close by helps me rest easy. Finding a good vet near you is very important. Their practice is lovely, having recently undergone a complete renovation, and the staff is always attentive, professional and courteous. Having had a terrible experience with another local vet, we were so happy to have found the vets at Malibu Coast! We are always able to get appointments when needed. We can just walk-in for shots or nail trims. And they are happy to answer questions over the phone like when Che decided to eat a bowl full of succulents or managed to chew up an apricot pit. Needless to say after many scares over the years with Che (due to what he’s ingested) we’ve come to learn he has an iron constitution. Not even the begonia flowers he chomps in our backyard seem to affect him.

We have, of course, had a couple of late night, run to the emergency clinic episodes too. Thats why its important to know your vet’s emergency hours and the hours of the closest emergency clinic to you! Your pets are your kids too, so just like you plan ahead in case of emergency for your human children, you should always keep a list of phone numbers on hand for your furry ones.

Che and Blue have been busy adding their favorite clinics to our Pet Listings. Be sure to use our Listings as a resource! And encourage your vet, groomer, dog walker and other pet care professional to list themselves as well. It’s easy!  Just click Submit a Biz Listing and follow the prompts.


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