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Paint:Lab Offers Something for Everyone

Located in Santa Monica at the corner of 14th and Broadway, Paint:Lab is a unique studio and retail environment for the painter in all of us. Paint:Lab is run by Melanie and Oana, two super talented ladies who believe art should be accessible to everyone.

Having an art studio in your house requires dedicated space and is often messy. Using Paint:Lab as your studio solves both issues, plus for many painters who feel isolated in their private studios, painting together provides community.

Paint:Lab offers classes for adults and kids, camp when school isn’t in session and even events. You can book the space for corporate outings or moms night out. They’ve even hosted a bachelorette party in the space! Same policy as Vegas…don’t ask don’t tell.

You can also just go to Paint:Lab for open studio hours and paint to your hearts content.  No time to finish? They will tag and file your work so you can come back and finish it later.

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