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One Potato from Catherine McCord Makes Cooking Healthy Easier

The doorbell rang. A box arrived with my name on it. I quickly opened it, anticipating the treasure inside…fresh, wholesome, organic ingredients with accompanying recipes from One Potato. Everything is shipped pre-packed in a thermal type box with ice so it was cold upon arrival. I was thrilled to discover (3) vegetarian meals in the box as we’ve been eating less and less meat these days. I immediately set to work making the Vegetarian Chilaquiles. It was really cool that every single ingredient we needed was in the box including already cracked and blended organic eggs. All I had to do was cut open a pouch. And it was delicious! There was also a Mirin Glazed Tofu Rice Bowl and Pasta Mama with Caesar Salad. I’ve been told you don’t have to make everything immediately. They are sealed to last for several days in your fridge. Which was good news because the following night we were planning on going out.

One Potato recipes are sources from co-founder Catherine McCord’s best selling Weelicious cookbooks and website. We took a minute to ask Catherine about the launch of One Potato and her insights into LA.

Tell us a little about One Potato – what’s your mission?

One Potato’s mission is helping parents get balanced, healthy, family friendly dinners on the table quickly and affordably. We menu plan; shop for the highest quality ingredients; do all the slicing, dicing and chopping and deliver 3 complete meals (and free homemade cookie dough!) right to your front door weekly. Research shows that, in addition to the many other benefits, when families eat dinner together, children are healthier, happier, do better in school and feel better about themselves overall. Our hope is that One Potato will help make dinnertime a hassle-free, shared experience for families while simultaneously encouraging kids to become amazing eaters by experiencing the joys of cooking and different cuisines. We’re committed to the health of our planet, using organic produce and (not too much) recyclable packaging. We’re also acutely aware of families’ budgets so we charge less for kids’ meals.

What made you want to start One Potato?

Necessity. Every parent’s desire is to make a great dinner every night, however no one has the time and it’s hard. I’ve heard this from countless Weelicious users who urged me over the years to do a meal kit service. My partners and I are busy working parents and we bonded over the challenge of dinnertime. They had tried other meal kit services, but none of them were designed to address the specific demands of family dinner, specifically with respect to simplicity, preparation time and relatable recipes. We believed you could make healthy dinners in 30 minutes or less that kids and parents would be excited about. Plus, the advantage of having 2,500 Weelicious recipes to draw upon means the meals we send have been repeatedly family tested and approved. It’s as if Weelicious was a 10 year research project for One Potato, I just didn’t realize it till now.

What is it about LA that benefits One Potato most?

Two things. First, part of our mission is to offer nutritious, balanced meals and people in LA are as educated as almost anyone in the world about the importance of eating right. Second, the variety of quality local produce in LA is unmatched anywhere in the world and makes for a superior final product. We’re blessed to have relationships with the farmers who provide much of our produce, so we know the backstories and passion that goes into growing the food that makes up every One Potato meal our families eat.

Tell us a little about yourself. Are you an LA native? Where did you grow up?  How did you end up in LA?

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky with grandparents who grew and/or picked most of the food they ate. I learned early on how delicious the freshest of seasonal fruits and vegetables tasted. Then, after living in Europe and New York for many years I became interested in entertainment and moved to Los Angeles. I did some acting, co-hosted Loveline on MTV with Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla and Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve with Regis Philbin, but food remained my true passion and after fulfilling a lifelong dream of attending culinary school, I started a family in Los Angeles and never looked back.

What is your go to weekend activity with the kids? 

Every Sunday morning, rain or shine, our whole family goes to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market to buy the fruit, vegetables, nuts, bread, meat —everything, essentially —  that we eat. It’s been a second home to me since long before I had children. It’s a true community where we meet up with friends old and new, and talk to the farmers and vendors about their food and life. Aside from being a place where our kids have filled up on free samples since they could first chew, they have learned so much about food and the people who grow it, which has made a great impact on how adventurously they eat. I’ve been to many great farmers’ markets all over the world, but you’d be hard pressed to find one with this much variety and exceptional quality. I not only consider HFM “Best of LA”, I consider it “Best of USA”.

What is your favorite date night location? 

Friday night is “date night” for my husband and me and we love to alternate between new restaurants and old favorites, but picking one favorite is impossible. If we want incredible Italian and to feel like family from the moment we walk in the door, we head to either Angelini Osteria or Aroma (a tiny gem in Silver Lake with a constantly changing menu, the most incredible homemade gnocchi, the most talented chef and warmest wait staff). If we want sushi, it’s Sushi Saito in Los Feliz or Enya Sushi in DTLA, with its insanely creative rolls. When you’re a parent, those rare moments of alone time with your spouse is a such hard earned luxury, we wouldn’t go to any of these restaurants if we didn’t consider them “Best of LA”!

We have to agree that Weelicious translates beautifully to One Potato delivery and we loved making the meals they sent. Here’s what it looks like coming out of the box, before and after!

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