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NBC’s The Wall Is Taking America By Storm!

Changing lives, NBC’s The Wall is a thrilling game that can turn everyday people into millionaires in a moment! Last Sunday a group of us mom bloggers and social media influencers and our families journeyed to Warner Brothers Studio to participate in a taping of NBC’s The Wall. Being in the live audience was thrilling but we can’t wait to see the full edited version on TV in June!


Executive Producer Andrew Glassman and his team were there to greet us. Andrew told us all about why he came up with this idea. He wanted to help good people do more good. “Good things for good people” he said.



The Wall is where it all takes place as couples play the wall to win hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars all depending on how they answer trivia questions, how they work as a team and how the ball drops.

We were lucky enough to join Andrew on stage to play in a Charity Game before the taping. Andrew’s team asked us all to create a poster representing a charity we wanted to raise money for. One person from each family got to place their poster on The Wall and play the game. Our group had a really great representation of charities including St Judes, CHLA, UCLA Mattel, CA Autism FoundationCommon Sense Media, Kawasaki Foundation, Help Us Adopt, The People Concern, and the NRDC. We raised over $2,000 that NBC will be generously donating to the winning charities!



What is NBC’s The Wall?

Packed with drama and action, this is a game that the entire family can root for together! Executive Producer LeBron James presents a challenge infused with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, where regular people can achieve their dreams with one bounce of the ball. Hosted by comedian (and Nerdist founder) Chris Hardwick and set in a large, glossy arena centering on the colossal 40-foot wall, the gameplay involves quick thinking, shrewd strategy and a little luck. Played by contestant pairs, this is an unpredictable journey with giant swings of fortune and millions of dollars passing through the contestants’ hands throughout the hour.

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