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Mothersun and the Captain, about Lindsey Mickelson

Mothersun and the Captain, about Lindsey Mickelson
Lindsey Mickelson is a Santa Barbara mom, artist and entrepreneur. She launched Mothersun and the Captain, pulling from her Southern roots, her time in France, her West Coast lifestyle and her fine arts and printing background.  Her designs have an edgy, earthy feel to them. Bold but earthy, her hip designs share a reverence for the earth and for being a mother.


1. Tell us a little about your company.
Mothersun and the Captain is mom, toddler, and baby clothes made with so much love in Santa Barbara, CA.  Over the last year, my brand has expanded to round towels, hand printed trucker hats for kids and adults, a nautical alphabet poster, coffee mugs, and nursery art prints.  It all began after I became a mom when I turned 30.  I had spent my previous 8 years growing a screen printing shop and graphic t-shirt company in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara and towards the end of my pregnancy, I decided close it all down, sell it, and focus on being a mom.  In June of 2015 my baby girl Soleil (“sun” in french) was born.  I spent almost a year figuring out who I was in this new life.  In March of 2015, it hit me.  I had become Mothersun.
“When I used to make women’s and men’s clothes for a living, when I went to the galas, when I hosted the parties, when I thought that was the best it could be. Looking back, I had no idea being a mom would beat all of that times a million. Mothersun was there the entire time, but I had yet to meet her.” – Lindsey Mickelson
2. What made you want to start this company?
I started Mothersun actually because I needed a tank top that would allow me to nurse in public with ease.  I realized that getting dressed for a day out in the world with a newborn had to be strategic.  Could I pull out my boob easily without hassle?  So I started making these muscle tanks with larger armholes so I could pull my breast out from the side without having to lift up my shirt and making it obvious.  It was also during the whole normalize breastfeeding movement and I was determined to breast feed on the regular in public.  It became a personal mission.  In addition to that, I of course wanted to make cool graphic onesies for my new baby.  I had been printing adult tees for almost a decade, so naturally, when Soleil arrived, all I wanted to do was draw for her and make clothes for her.


3. What is it about LA that benefits your business or initiative most?
LA has always been a major resource for my businesses.  Ever since I was 22 years old, I frequently drive to LA from Santa Barbara to source fabrics, talk to showrooms and sales reps, to learn about the industry, to attend fashion shows and events.  LA is a learning tool for anyone with a big dream.  I owe so much to LA in the last decade of my life while I built my entrepreneurial career up here in SB.  The opportunities are endless in LA.  You talk to one person who leads you to another person who leads you to another.  It is pretty remarkable.


4. Tell us a little about yourself. Are you an LA native? Where did you grow up? How did you end up in LA?
I grew up in a small island town off the coast of Alabama in the Gulf of Mexico.  The town is called Gulf Shores, Alabama.  I moved to Santa Barbara when I was 18 years old to attend UCSB.  I majored in art studio and minored in French.  When I was 21, I spent a year studying art and french in Bordeaux, France.  When I came back to CA, I was a totally new person.  I knew I would create for the rest of my life, because that is what made me happy.   After coming home, every step I ever took was directed toward building an art brand.  I was a fine artist at the time and wanted the masses to see my paintings.  So I started printing my artwork onto t-shirts.  I funded the operation by selling my fine art paintings for thousands of dollars and then taking that money to invest in inventory and eventually I built a whole screen printing shop.


5. What your favorite local spot to meet up with friends? 
My ideal morning with friends is to take a yoga class at Santa Monica Yoga and then to wander around Thunderbolt Spiritual Books afterwords.
6. What’s you favorite local spot for a cup of coffee or a fresh juice or smoothie?
My fav place for coffee, juice, and food in general is Flore Vegan in Silverlake.  Almost every business trip I have ever made to LA, I make it a point to sit at Flore and soak up their amazing vegan food and good vibes.  I am totally obsessed.  I definitely consider this place Best of LA.


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