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Mommy bloggers Head to Spy-ce Camp for “Keeping Up With The Joneses.”

Laura Nickerson plane jumping lessons at iFly Hollywood

Laura Nickerson plane jumping lessons at iFly Hollywood

Sometimes being a Mommy blogger is not fun as it seems. It’s just deadlines, events that tank, strange products, and spending a crazy amount of time on the freeway in traffic.

But sometimes it TOTALLY ROCKS! And it rocked really hard during the “Spy-ce Camp” event for the movie “Keeping up with the Joneses.”

Forget the silly fluffy parties for our delicate Mommy sensibilities; we went hard-core into Spy Training. There were plane jumping lessons at iFly Hollywood, dart lessons at Residuals bar in Studio City, and a spicy cooking class at Universal Appliances featuring Chef Saverio Posarelli. We flew with abandon, threw darts like champs, and sucked down the most amazing risotto ever put into a tiny pumpkin.

This was a day of grown up play that made even the most hesitant mommy find her inner bad ass, and the enthusiastic group of influencers was more than game to have a great time. It was so refreshing to get to really PLAY, something we mommas don’t do nearly enough.

The film is hoping to carry that feeling into the general public with a fun mix of humor and spy-tastic fun.

The film features a dowdy couple (Isla Fisher-not that dowdy, Zach Galifianakis – well, I buy it) trying to keep up with their attractive spy neighbors (John Hamm and Gal Gadot), and looks like it’s going to be a total blast. The best quote from the trailer is when suburban mom Fisher is asked what she and her husband’s sexual “thing” is and she replies “doing it really fast in case the kids come running into our room”… true dat.

So will I go see the movie? You bet your badass Mommyblogger biceps I will! And I will take all my friends to go play darts afterwards…because everybody loves a ringer.


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