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MomAngeles Top Pick: Juicy Athletic Moves (JÄM)

This totally fun dance workout is Neda Soderqvist’s dancing phenomenon that will burn massive calories, strengthen your glutes, core and thighs and more. She takes it to a whole new “juicy” level with plyometrics, salsa, hip hop and lots of Bollywood moves. The music is rocking with new routines and choreography weekly so it always stays fresh. You do NOT need to know how to dance to join this class. She teaches in Malibu and the Palisades. Check out her website or  FB page for details. Click for Laura’s Review

See Shape Magazine’s story about 20 Celebrities Who Got Fit Dancing. JAM is mentioned in there 3 times. Brooke Burke, Pink and Minnie Driver are all Neda devotees. (and are sometimes in the classes). And if the celebrities aren’t enough to convince you – just ask me. I have been dancing with Neda for over a year and I can’t stop raving about the increase in my energy level, my general fitness level, my rock hard quads and core strength. Plus its THE MOST FUN I have ever had working out. Love you Neda!

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