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Meet Kelly Boyer, Chef, Cancer Survivor and Healthy Living Educator

I, and many lucky women in the room, had the opportunity to hear Chef Kelly Boyer’s story this past Sunday at our first #HealthyLiving event!  Kelly’s passion for healthful living is apparent in everything she does. And her attention to detail and keen marketing ability have definitely set her up for success. Not to mention the quality and tastiness of her delicious recipes. Everything from the meal plan to the juices and bars is delicious!

Kelly Boyer believes in making a difference in people’s lives every day, starting with the way they eat. She launched Paleta to bring healthy, delicious options to her clients in their homes. An advocate of farm-to-table eating, she incorporates fresh local produce in her meal plans every day. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts program, Kelly decided that the French cuisine she so loved to cook could be healthier and changed it up a bit in developing the menus for Paleta.

Kelly is also a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with a rare advanced form of terminal ovarian cancer at the age of 21 right after graduating from college.  With the love and support of her family and friends, they beat it together and it changed the course of her life forever.  She learned to focus more on her body and mind and overall health and really enjoy the every day experience of total body fitness.

In her own words “I believe we really distinguish ourselves by constantly raising the bar on our standards of ingredients and product profiles for all offerings to our clients.  I’m not really interested in doing JUST meal delivery because that is not what everybody needs or wants. We developed a Mind & Body CLEANSE to help purge bodies of the toxins we can’t avoid in our environment…like the very air we breathe.  I am especially proud of our beautiful line of organic cold-pressed juices… PALETA PRESSED.  They can be purchased in detox packages or just choose your favorites to sip and enjoy.  We even designed a Sip ‘Til Supper plan for those not interested in an entire day of juicing; we give you juices, vegan snacks and a dinner and the day ends with a raw vegan chocolate truffle!  We also just rolled out our Get Glowing! Beauty Detox in partnership with Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic because we truly believe that beauty and health starts from within.  You can treat your outside layer all day long, but if your inner body and self is not healthy…the rest won’t work.  The GG!BD combines 2 days of organic juices that focus on skin healing and repair plus 2 weeks of Sonya’s organic Nutrasphere Detox skin care products.  I tried almost every juice detox on the market and was always surprised that I could hardly get through the morning because many of them tasted so medicinal.  As a trained chef and licensed holistic nutrition professional, I knew my team of chefs and nutritionists could create a line of organic cold-pressed juices that were both nutritionally sound AND tasted amazing.  And, we succeeded!  We just launched a new line of Power Boost wellness shots to give you a quick infusion of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Plus, we handcraft our own line of PALETA Power Up Energy Bars and Must Be Nuts flavored almonds for a healthy snack on the run.  We’ve recently moved into the Grab ‘n Go market, so our clients can get healthy meals and snacks at select stores and fitness studios around Los Angeles.  California today!  The world tomorrow!”

Kelly inspires us in so many ways. She truly believes in sustainability and accountability to the earth and each other. She just built the first LEED certified kitchen in the US. She plants a tree for every new client she signs on. Her marketing materials are printed on recycled paper with vegetable based plant dyes. She buys from local farmers. And her goal is to educate her clients to learn to eat more healthfully. “I don’t anticipate that my clients will be on my plan every day of their lives. That would be a bit much. Clients need me at certain times in their lives, certain days in their weeks. I want them to eat well all the time. And so I teach my clients how to do that,” she says. “Changing the way you eat changes the way you live and feel.” Part of this educational process is to share resources like the Environmental Working Group who keeps updated lists on safe crops and unsafe ones so we can all shop and eat cleaner and wiser. Paleta’s is to Give Health. Give Peace. And Give Back.”

So Moms – the point of the story here is – if you are looking for healthy family meal delivery options, try Paleta. If you are looking to change your eating habits and lose weight, try Paleta.  if you are an exhausted mom-to-be or new Mom who just can;t think about what to eat and need some help, try Paleta (they have special meal programs for expecting and nursing moms). There are so many reasons to try Paleta including the fact that Perks Card members save $$$ when you order with your card!

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