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Spend a Day at The Malibu Pier

The Malibu Pier has undergone some significant changes over the past few years. Its not just a spot for fishing anymore. Two of Malibu’s hip and innovative residents have moved into the Malibu Pier and breathed new life into it.


The Malibu Farm, owned and operated by long-time Malibu resident, gardener, cooking teacher, garden dinner advocate, author and restauranteur Helene Henderson inspires healthy eating throughout Malibu with her beautiful restaurants and her cookbook. When you arrive at the Malibu Pier, you’re greeted by friendly Malibu Farm staff outside the main restaurant and on the patio where you can order drinks, including their famous Spicy Margarita or F’Rose cocktail and my friend Lawrence Charles’ Charles & Co. Tea.


Malibu Farm features organically grown, locally sourced farm to table food including cauliflower and zucchini crust “pizza”, spaghetti squash lasagna and Helene’s famous mustard chicken. The atmosphere is bright and sunny, and feels like the inside of a cozy, modern farmhouse….at the beach.



While there you can shop for some home goods and candles. But be sure not to leave without Helene’s Malibu Farm Cookbook chocked full of great, healthy recipes, many of which can be found at Malibu Farm. 

“Now, in Malibu Farm Cookbook, Helene invites you honor the shoreline and mountains of Southern California with dishes like Ricotta and Pea Frittata, Butterfly Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish, Seared Fava Beans, and Grilled Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce.” – Amazon



Some of the produce on the menu is sourced from One Gun Ranch in Malibu. Those ladies at One Gun Ranch never cease to amaze, as if running a ranch and a farm weren’t enough (you can buy their produce at PC Greens and the Malibu Farmer’s Market), they also have a pink pop-up shop at the entrance to the pier….



…that features super fun Malibu themed attire, candles, gifts and these really fun beach towels. Not to mention my Esky California hat that keeps making a reappearance in my Instagram feed.



You can snap a selfie outside with the big pink lips and beach balls. Its a perfect place for that Instagrammable moment. Then wander down the pier to the other Ranch at the Pieranother full shop featuring Malibu style clothing, home goods and some seriously amazing hats. I am definitely thinking about going back for one of these hats. 



While at the end of the pier doing some beach side shopping be sure to pop into the original Malibu Farm Cafe for a morning cup of coffee and an incredible breakfast overlooking the ocean. Then do what the pier has always been known for…a little fishing.


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