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Leah Segedie’s Book “Green Enough” Offers No B.S. Advice on a Cleaner, Greener, Healthier Life for You and Your Family

Leah Segedie so aptly puts it in the opening of her book Green Enough, “I’m here for you girl.” And she is. In her typical, no B.S. way, Leah lays out the facts for you about the foods we’re eating, the cleaners we use in our home and the products we put on our body. Whether you’re new to toxic cleansing, are on the band wagon or just kinda doing it, this book is an easy to read, informative and super helpful tool to help you on the path.


Leah didn’t start out green. In fact she thought those “green” people were annoying. She went green slowly. But then chronic disease and cancers happened to those around her and in her own family, and enough was enough.  As a blogger at Mamavation she’d already been sharing her discoveries and the research she unearthed, but she took it even further, launching an eco-wellness conference called ShiftCon, where thousands of people converge annually to improve their lives by going greener. This book, Green Enough, is a summary of her many years of expertise, and the expertise of those she works with through her site and conference, all wrapped-up in a fantastic book.



I love that Leah’s personality shines through the whole book, with her sassy wit and non-nonsense way of sharing things, it makes it fun to read. I immediately flipped to page 70 to read about the toxins that are disrupting our children’s future fertility. I already eliminated canned food from our lives long ago, but I really appreciated her list of food storage options like Glasslock and Pyrex Snapware. The plastic storage containers are next on my list of items to go. Leah takes you through the house room by room, starting with food and your kitchen (including more than 50 Mom & Kid friendly recipes), helping us evaluate our home water quality, cleaning and bathing products in the bathroom, mattress recommendations, laundry recommendations and more. Towards the back of the book in the Greener Grooming section there’s pages of better beauty items listed for you to peruse and an Index to help you find specific information quickly.

Did I also mention the Pete Drops Science (Pete Myers) and Dr Tanya’s Prescriptions (Dr. Tanya Altmann) throughout the book? These green boxes offer additional tips and advice as you’re moving along. I found myself turning down corners on numerous pages. There’s so much great information here!! You can get the book on Amazon or ask for it in your local bookstores.

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