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LA Mompreneur Making Waves For Kids To Get Good Clean Water

LA-based mom Martine Taylor (blonde hair, blue shirt in photo with author Kristin Cruz and friend Heidi Santelli), Founder of Original Good Goods bath care products, is not only a sought-after music video producer, but also a mompreneur with a mission. She’s focused on using what she’s discovered in her travels, along with her skills, industry contacts, and business savvy, to help families in need of clean water, globally.

Her entire family, including the 3 kids and husband Josh, have just landed in Nicaragua with a shipment of water filters and a passion to do good.

MomAngeles: As a busy mom with a successful background in the entertainment industry, what made you want to start your own line of bath-care products? Why was it important for you?

I think that indirectly the type of work I did being in the music industry, forced a particular discipline in me and the freelance structure I created for myself, allowed me to travel. I experienced many cultures that were intriguing and I always knew that I needed to put my resources to work in other ways that would be useful. Launching Original Good Good was done with hopes that the growth of my company would allow for resources abundant enough to enable me to branch-out into the water filtration and preservation sector. Making good things, with good ingredients, and doing good for the planet.

MA: All natural OGG began as an olive oil based product. How did you first learn about using olive oil & what are the benefits?

Olive oil has so many wonderful benefits. Of the most common are it’s anti-septic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Olive oil is used in Mediterranean cuisine and culture in many ways for that reason. It is one of nature’s miracles that can be a powerful ingredient for good health when consumed both internally and when used externally.

I was raised in an Italian family where olive oil was used from everything from dry skin to helping earache pain! I wanted to create something that incorporated this amazing and abundant oil into the every day routines of my own children. That’s when I started experimenting in my own kitchen with olive oil and other fresh ingredients I loved using.

MA: OGG is on a mission to provide clean water to families around the world. When did you first discover that this needed to be your focus?

Several years ago, I created a grassroots outreach program called Mobile Arts Exposure Project, with my family, to bring Art into remote villages in northern Africa and Central America. I noticed something disheartening right away. When we were first greeted and shown the resources they were most proud of, the people of the villages would also show us how some of their resources had been depleted. The showed us how their wells had dried up, or their Kasbahs were damaged … And it was very easy to see how this negatively affected their basic everyday survival.

MA: What are you doing in Nicaragua on this trip? How is “Waves For Water” making an impact?

When I was developing Original Good Goods, I was forced to reckon with my ingredients. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, as pure as possible and as direct as possible. I was made aware of Waves for Water through some of my friends in the local surfing community here in LA and I really appreciated what Waves for Water was doing. They say to surfers- “Hey- We know you are traveling to the most remote corners of the earth to find the perfect wave.. So why not give something to these remote communities that they really need? Clean water!”

You cannot get more basic than that. The filters that Waves for Water provide weigh as little as 3oz and can serve up to 100 people. It’s an ethos that I am happy to promote and I know fans of Original Good Goods think the same way.

MA: You take your family when you travel to these affected areas. Why is it important for you?

We take our children with us almost everywhere we travel. I believe it is important for many reasons to go out of your routine and your every day life, to widen your perspective and have a feeling of other cultures, how they behave, react and survive.

Good LA Kids Clean Water Making Waves

As parents, so many of my generation are looking for opportunities for our kids to be exposed to the world beyond that which they see on their “screens”. Being in a classroom with kids in a remote village in Morocco and watching while your kids experience, first hand, the differences and similarities between themselves and the amazing kids there, is worth all the effort to make it happen!

MA: What are a few travel tips you have for us Moms who want to take a big trip with the kids to an exotic location?

I think depending on the age of your children and the length of your trip it’s always important that you bring something familiar, something from you home, even if it’s a stuffed animal or a paperback book or poster off the wall. Make wherever you are staying feel like a little piece of home. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying in a rental house, boat, cabin or teepee- If you have something that’s familiar to them, it will help them stay grounded as they enter different environments and cultures. This is particularly helpful on long journeys. We travel to Spain every year and always rent the same house on one island but we make sure to visit and explore somewhere new on every journey. I’ve found this allows for the “familiar” and the “journey” to marry beautifully.


***Good News is brought to MomAngeles each week by Kristin Cruz and the Good Tribe at Original Good Goods. LA-based Original Good Goods sources local, natural ingredients to make kid-friendly skincare products the whole family can use. But the good work doesn’t just end with pure ingredients inside each bottle. The commitment to making the world a better place continues with their support of Waves 4 Water, so all kids have access to clean water. Because it’s the right thing—the good thing—to do.

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