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Finding Your LA Dream Home with Sewit Eshetu

Finding your dream home…in the city of dreams. It’s an art form. I drive around LA and I look at all the homes, often wondering how people find and choose the homes they live in. When you live in the city of dreams, finding the home of your dreams is as important as the neighborhood it’s in.

I asked my friend Sewit Eshetu of  Pacific Union International to share with me her tips for helping people find their Dream Home, like the Santa Monica home featured in these images. Sewit helped two of her closest friends buy this property for their family few years ago. It is one of her favorite houses, in one of her favorite areas. The owners have an incredible eye for style and design, and have done an amazing job renovating and re-designing their home in a way that has added a new level of warmth and comfort to it.



The key to finding your dream home, she says, is not just the home but the neighborhood. Its has to be the right place for you and your family. There are so many factors to take into consideration – local schools, ease of access, the feel of the neighborhood, where you will run your errands or grab a family dinner. No one realtor is an expert of all areas of town but after years in the business, Sewit is pretty close. She has worked the West side of LA: the Beach Cities up through Marina Del Rey, Venice and Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu and Brentwood as well as Westwood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Hollywood.  That’s a lot of ground covered.



LA is also a community where many people prefer curated services and quite often realtors, like Sewit, represent celebrity and other clients who want to be private and discreet. As Sewit says, “They put their trust in me and I take that trust very seriously, and very personally.” This is why she works as a bespoke realtor, offering tailor made, specialized representation of her clients. It’s more of an intimate boutique style of representation, versus the mass marketed approach currently taking hold of the market and at other brokerages. This personalized service has been very successful for both Sewit and her clients resulting in many personal referrals, friendships and repeat business.



Real estate buying and selling is like a delicate recipe, blending up all the ingredients for the right results.  Knowing the right mix is the key. Its Sewit’s attention to detail and personalized service, plus genuinely caring about her clients that has led her to many long lasting friendships, with clients she has represented, with other brokers she had transactions with, and with other professionals in the business.

As a mom of two adorable boys (you can see pictures of them on her Instagram feed), being a real estate agent gives her added insight into finding the family dream home and has offered her flexibility in her career to be there for her boys, 10 and 7 who know all about their Mom’s work.  Her 10 year old sometimes even joins her putting out her signs on Sundays. He loves that special time with mom! Sewit’s 7 year old already has an eye for design, and routinely comments on color combinations, artwork, living room arrangements, especially when he sees a beautiful kitchen or stylish bathroom.  “By being a realtor,” she says, “I have been blessed with a satisfying career that has at the same time both been very rewarding and brought me much joy.”



Real Estate Tip from Sewit. “Keep in mind when shopping for a home in LA that it’s a very complicated real estate market with subtle nuances and differences in value that shift with variances in the market, so you need a really well seasoned professional representing your best interests. Some areas are sizzling hot, and inventory is low: we’re still seeing multiple offers for properties that offer sought after characteristics and/or good value in the right areas. What is fascinating about the LA market is that it is so varied that there’s always a realistic and favorable price point for everyone, whether a buyer or a seller. Look to you realtor to guide you toward finding that perfect price point for you.”



She also said to have fun! “I love this City – this whole amazing area! Los Angeles is my home. I came to attend college here, and never left. I’m an Angeleno by choice: I have embraced it, and it has embraced me. I feel so lucky to be here and to have created a successful career for myself!” Meet Sewit Eshetu on her website. 




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