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Kids World Will Rock YOUR World!

Kids World

KidsworldOn my eternal quest for places to take my energetic 7 and 9 year old boys on hot days, I came across another gem; Kids World in Oak Park.

This used to be well known to the Mommy/Daddy set as “Bright Child,” and if you didn’t attend a party there at some point you clearly didn’t actually have children.

But like all good Hollywood types, it got a makeover. And let me tell you, the results are spectacular.

They still have the trademark maze with foam ball shooters, something that can keep kids of all ages engaged (and even involve the ambitious parent), but now there is so much more.

They totally upgraded their arcade to a full video game paradise and moved it to the front of the building, and separated the toddlers into their own protected section. Can I hear a sigh of relief, toddler parents?

Here’s the sweet part, it’s now much more parent friendly. The new floor plan allows parents to see much more clearly, so they can relax in the new restaurant area with free WiFi and know their kids are safe and contained.

Speaking of the restaurant, they totally redid it so it’s more open and has an elevated menu that makes you never want to visit the giant mouse place again. THEY EVEN SERVE BEER AND WINE!!! We tried the Cheeseburger Pizza and Zucchini Rounds and it was like an actual real dining experience, not just wooden food that makes you hate yourself a little bit when you get home. The combo of all of that makes it a perfect place to go for family dinner out.

Their birthday parties are still out of this world, and include some cool features like Bumper Ball and a new Atomic Rush game that keeps the party moving. And because they have two enclosed rooms, plus some open seating birthday tables, they don’t have to close shop for weekend birthdays.

Seriously, I have been to a ton of indoor playgrounds and I don’t think I have found one that I liked as much as the revamped Kids World. So come and check it out! Visit for info.

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