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Kids Adventure Games = Adrenaline Filled Fun for Kids

picmonkey-collageWhen I first heard of the Kids Adventure Games, I have to admit I was straight up jealous. I mean, who wouldn’t want to participate in the mud run/obstacle course/bike ride out in the fresh mountain air?

But sadly, it’s no-go for the over 14 year old set. Kids only, please. And boy, is it a shame for us grown ups.

The Kids Adventure Games is an adventure challenge course for kids ages 6-14, and over the summer it was held at 8 locations across the country. Being LA folk and all, we headed up to our closest mountain, Big Bear, to participate in the weekend fun.

The course involves all sorts of fun obstacles including a zip line, mountain bike trail, slip and slide, rock climbing wall, and more. It takes about an hour to and hour and a half and your children have to be prepared with their own bike, helmet, and climbing gloves.

The race requires you to sign up your kids in teams, so my 7 and 10 year old boys were paired up to sink or swim in brotherly fashion. This is what made the experience so cool for me as a parent, because my kids can fight over pretty much anything from waffle flavor to cat vs. dog, so being forced work together was a magical thing. And the race heightened the theme by making teamwork a priority-even including obstacles that needed two people working together to complete.

There were over 260 participants at Big Bear, but it never felt overwhelming or unsafe. In fact, they ran it like a well-oiled machine, using staggered start times and adult volunteers at every checkpoint to keep things moving smoothly. The vibe was super supportive and fun, the day was gorgeous, and they even had adult beverages on hand to make the wait for the parents totally doable.

Best part? My kids holding hands as they ran past the finish line, feeling like a true team of bad-asses. And what parent wouldn’t love that?

Find out more about the Kids Adventure Games at and check their schedule to find the closest race to your neck of the woods.

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