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Jill Simonian’s Book, The FAB Mom’s Guide is Out in Stores

Jill Simonian’s first book, The FAB Mom’s Guide: How to Get Over the Bump & Bounce Back Fast After Baby (Skyhorse Publishing) is out in stores now! You’ve followed her blog and watched her on tv, now read her tips for moms! Get yours on Amazon today!

The FAB Mom’s Guide is unlike any other pregnancy/new-mom book on the market — it’s focused on developing and maintaining resilience (mind, body & spirit) after having a baby (f-a-b = focused after baby). The book is a fast and practical read that’s packed with fun, funny and sometimes-controversial to-do’s for first time moms — offering over 50 ‘fixes’ from the last trimester of pregnancy through the first year of baby’s life — to keep a new mom emotionally refreshed and mentally reinvented after baby.

Often saying what many women think but are too afraid to admit, Jill celebrates motherhood while frankly sharing no-frill tips and tricks that even the most bold women shy away from:

-Why walking around only in underwear the first month makes you feel more fit

-The mindful and emotional benefits of not finding out the gender of baby

-Why opting out of breastfeeding might really be best

-Why fixing your bed is a major springboard to feeling like a #Momboss

-How staying home with baby (if possible) can set you up for parenting success

-Why co-sleeping with baby is a big no-no

-The most damaging F-word no mom should ever say

-Why new moms should skip the ‘push-present’ and opt for a ‘MOMento’ at baby’s 6-month birthday instead

Already endorsed by some of today’s leading editors in the parenting world (including Rebecca Dube of TODAY Show’s Parenting Team and Emma Bing of What to Expect), The FAB Mom’s Guide offers exclusive tips and advice from renowned lifestyle experts including author Samantha Ettus, pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann, family food guru Catherine McCord, TV personality Ali Landry, host of CBS’ “The Insider” Debbie Matenopoulos and more. Additionally, Jill’s heartwarming, hilarious and irreverent new-mom tales including famous faces Ellen Pompeo, Eva Mendes, Soleil Moon Frye and Russell Brand make for entertaining and motivational reading for any new mom.

The FAB Mom’s Guide is a fun and unique read that every expecting mom can enjoy and be motivated by.

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