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#BusyParentApps Housecall Doctors Are Not a Thing of the Past. Check out this New App Called Heal!

screen322x572It’s happened to all of us, its late on a Saturday afternoon, our pediatrician’s office is now closed and our child is just starting to show signs of an ear infection.  You know all the symptoms – fever, tugging on their ear and excessive crying. You know these symptoms because your two older children have had ear infections before. You know your child needs to be seen quickly but at this hour on the weekend the only option is the Urgent Care Center or the ER. You start to dial the Urgent Care Center and realize that they closed an hour ago. The only option at this point is to pile your two older kids and screaming toddler into the car for a long wait at the ER. Or is this your only option?  If only a doctor could just come to you.

Thanks to the folks at Heal, this scenario has just become less stressful. By downloading their app and requesting a housecall your child can now be treated in the comfort of your home. You simply download the app and within a minute create an account. A screen pops up showing your current location and asking if you need a doctor for an Adult or Child.  It also asks if this is an emergency. If you select the non emergency option the hours they will come to your home are 8am – 8pm.

Heal recently joined our Perks Program and is generously extending their perk to all of our readers. You can get a $50 credit to try Heal by using promo code MOMANGELES when you book a housecall. You can find more details about Heal in their BIZ LISTING on our site.


#OnDemand and #BusyParentApps is a regular column on MomAngeles featuring on demand services that make busy parents lives easier. 


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