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Holiday Pictures Made Easy at Blink Inc.

laura-nickerson-jumpiing-blink-inc-photo-shootTaking holiday pictures is alway a giant pain, so finding a better way to get that perfect shot is a must on the priority list.

I recently was rushing around on yet another crazy day of work and family madness and almost missed my appointment to take pictures at Blink Inc, located in the Westfield Topanga Mall in Woodland Hills.

So when I got there I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the staff and the speed in which I got some amazing shots!

The studio has a giant white wall as a background, which is a WAY more contemporary look than the old fashioned “trees in a forest with river” background of the Olan Mills days. The photographer and manager Gigi smoothly began snapping photos, coaching me on different poses and keeping the energy light. The size of the background made playing easy, as there was no need to stop and change lighting or limit movement.

After about 6 minutes I was done, and got a whole range of choices.

So just imagine you want those holiday pictures you promised the grandparents, but you also need to go shopping for gifts and have a squirmy and/or moody set of children throwing obstacles in your path. This is a fantastic and affordable ($25/10 min session plus purchase fees) way to squeeze those pictures into an already hectic season. Imagine that!

Trust me on this one. Make your life easier, get those holiday pictures at Blink Inc.

Visit or catch them on Instagram at @Blinkincblinks


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