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Goop Launches a Print Magazine (+Conference, +Retail Store and now +TV Show)

Goop Magazine Cover Issue 2

Just when I think goop can’t get any better, they go and launch a print magazine. The second issue, out on stands now, is all about Sex & Love.  Leave it to that sunshiney, glowing, font of health and wellness herself, Gwyneth, to put it all out there and share intimate details about her relationship with fiancee, Brad Falchuk.



I’ve long been a lover of all things goop (so much so I often quote them in my travel posts like the one I just did on Park City) and it just keeps getting better. What started as Gwyneth’s way to share her favorite people, places and things has evolved into a brand that’s all about the essence of modern living – healthy but chic, clean and vibrant, stylish and seductive. A few years ago she hired a CEO (who later left and now Gwyneth is the CEO) and an editorial team, and added some experts to her site, evolving it into a true content destination.

Entrance to Goop Lab in Brentwood Country Mart


And then came the online store. All those things Gwyneth loves, well you can buy them too. Just shop online at goop. But wait, thats not all. Next came the retail store, sublimely located at the Brentwood Country Mart, the epitome of Westside LA lifestyle, Goop Lab came to roost. Featuring many of the things you can buy online plus so much more. Here in the store you can see, smell, touch and hold all those treasured items, those goop finds…plus goop’s own line of beauty products. Yep, you can’t be goop without extending the brand into its own product lines. And of course there’s the books… and some time well spent in the goop kitchen, where so much of Gwyneth’s passion for sharing started.


Kitchen in Goop Lab Brentwood Country Mart


But that’s not it for goop. Last year they held their first conference, In Goop Health. And in February they announced that Danielle Pergament, formerly executive editor of Condé Nast’s beauty title, Allure, has been appointed editor-in-chief. Content continues to reign supreme as they push ahead with this new print publication and a soon to be announced tv show. Goop raised over $15 million in a Series B round from 3 VC firms. This is great news for women entrepreneurs in the content and ecommerce space….VC’s still believe in you ladies, it just helps if you have a successful track record…and you’re Gwyneth. For more details on goop’s business growth read this article in THR.



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