Get a Boost of Natural Energy Throughout the Day and a Mommy Perk

Hey Moms. We know you’re tired. Heck, I’m tired as I write this post.  But you know what wakes me up?  A packet of EBOOST in my water. This delicious and all natural packet of energy gets you way better results than the Snicker bar you know you were eyeing at the checkout. And you can just toss a few of these in your bag and drink them on the go.

Great story about why I know about EBOOST. Its not just because I see their counter displays in local gyms and smoothie stores all around LA. Its because I met co-founder Josh Taekman…well his wife and oldest child really…in the most pivotal experience in my parenting journey…BabyGroup. Josh and his partner John have worked tirelessly to deliver this awesome product to you. Heck – even Oprah endorses it! You gotta try it!

Josh will tell you “Feeling “up” is not the same as feeling good. Sure, you can swallow a chemical concoction or chug some sugar water for a momentary burst. But what goes up must come down. That’s why EBOOST’s blend of vitamins, minerals, and super-nutrients works from within to give you a natural lift. It’s packed with ingredients like Vitamins C, D, B6, B12, as well as 5-HTP, Resveratrol, Green Tea, and Green Coffee.   Just add water to our effervescent powder, or grab our premium shot on the go. EBOOST’s natural energy is designed to boost your workout, and your life.”

“We spent years working with doctors, nutritionists, and trainers to create the right blend of premium ingredients that not only delivers energy, but also helps with recovery, and enhances focus and mood. See for yourself!” says founders Josh Taekman & John McDonald.

And thanks to MomAngeles and your Mommy Card you can save 40% when you buy online at www.EBOOST.com using promo code “MOMMY”.

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