My First Time Trying A Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin was the reason for my latest trip to The Valley, and it went a little something like this…

Driving down Magnolia Blvd in Burbank, seeing flat-roofed 1960’s buildings lining the street. I’ve always felt a curiosity about what’s inside of them. Little numbered doors lean at angles in shallow doorways. Only a few have windows. Mostly nondescript entrances. The few times I’ve been in these old buildings has been to record Voice Over jobs. There are quite a few small recording studios here, independent photography studios, and design companies. It’s buzzing with creativity, a sense of mystery, and the vibe of Hollywood hidden secrets.

Lola & Roxy’s 

2616 W Magnolia Blvd

Suite A, Burbank

I open this door and see a retro ladies lounge with music industry memorabilia, framed pictures of local celebs, artsy photos of women from Marilyn Monroe to Dolly Parton. Plus there’s a Keurig Coffee Machine with a sign hanging above that says “Witch’s Brew”.

Honey, I’m home.

Mallory, veteran hair stylist, and very cool chick, greets me and takes me back for my first ever Keratin treatment. We chat about the procedure. She knows all the science and history behind hair-straightening. “You can stop me here anytime. I really geek-out on hair.” says Mallory. She is passionate and knows her stuff. I happily hand over my signature locks to her capable hands.

Today we’re doing a hair straightening treatment. Have you heard of the Brazilian Blow Out? Yes, it got a really bad wrap a few years back. I’m not sure exactly what happened but I recall some rumors swirling around the office about rat poison and cancer. Here’s the truth about the Brazilian. According to Dr. Oz, the popular Brazilian Blowout that everyone was using had Formaldehyde in it. That reminds me of dissecting frogs in science lab, but it isn’t really dangerous to be around. But, that’s because in science lab we never set the stuff on fire.

According to Jarrod Harms who owns Detour Salon in Encinitas, the chemicals are stable at room temperature. “But when they are heated,­ the intensity is increased and they can cause harm to both you and your stylist,” says Harms.

The beauty industry has since changed it’s formula, but that bad press did a number on the straightening business. Plus, we all kind of decided together that it would just be better to get blow-outs every week with a membership at one of the new swanky little blow dry places that were popping up like Starbucks drive-thrus.

But is getting constant blow-outs any better for my hair? Is the heat going to take it’s toll? I know the money I spend on them will. So, what’s the alternative?


Keratin is a protein that our bodies make naturally for healthy hair and nails. It protects our hair by surrounding it for that shiny, smooth elastic bouncy look and feel. It’s good stuff. When us gals go ahead and put chemicals on our hair and color it and generally put it through the ringer, the Keratin is lost. These Keratin Straightening Treatment I’m getting today from Mallory, aims to put it back.

The Facts:

Treatment takes about 90 minutes. (Mallory includes a hair-cut so mine is taking  longer.)

Straightening lasts about 3 months.

Hair can still be curled or left wavy.

Hair is softer, smoother, easier to straighten with a brush and blow-dryer.

It costs $250 through Hair by Mallory.

The process is easy, painless, smells nice. We chat about our kids, work, parenting woes, and we laugh a lot.

She put on the Keratin, then flat irons and blowdries. That’s it.

The result is that my have is shiny and straight, with a healthy trimmed hair length (I really needed a cut!). And after 3 days of keeping my hair away from water, then I can wash it and dry it myself to see how it looks.

 3 Days Later

My hair has never looked so good without getting a professional blow-out. I dry it naturally, which as a busy mom is normally how my hair will be worn. My natural waves are still here and the frizz is GONE. It looks like the hair of those “other” women who I used to envy. I always thought they were so lucky to have naturally smooth hair. Now I’m wondering if they weren’t just getting Keratin treatments. I don’t know how I missed this Hollywood secret, but it’s now a part of my beauty kit, and I happily recommend it to every mom who compliments my new effortless look. (See my Before and After here.)


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