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Fed Up Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Fed Up Educational Kits to Every Educator in America

FED UPKatie Couric and Laurie David teamed up four years ago to produce a film that is essentially the “Inconvenient Truth of food.” FED UP teaches children all about whats in the food they are consuming. FED UP, the movie, exposes the hidden ingredient in all of our food that is making us sick–sugar–and what we can all do to lead healthier lives: EAT REAL FOOD.

The movie has been seen by millions of people and has had a tremendous impact. Children who have watched the film have responded in a positive way, choosing to be more selective about what they eat, often embracing The 10 Day Sugar Free Challenge. The impact on the health of these children is notable. Imagine, what if every child in America could see this film? How would that change the health of our nation and of future generations?

Unfortunately there is a cost to the school to purchase the move FED UP. Teachers who have seen the film and wanted to share FED UP with their students have dug into their own wallets to purchase copies for their classroom. When Katie Couric and Laurie David learned this they immediately created a solution. They have created a FED UP Educational Kit and a plan for distributing the kit to every school in America.This kit includes a copy of the film with an unlimited use screening license, individualized lesson plans for grades K-12, and resources for teachers and students to set up nutrition and healthy eating programs that go beyond just watching the film. The folks at FED UP funded the initial program but another $150,000 is needed for distribution. They started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the distribution program.

Through this Kickstarter campaign you can being FED UP to a school near you. Every $15 you donate enables FED UP to send a kit to a school. Watch the video below which explains how and why this important. It’s only 4:12 minutes long. 4:12 minutes of your day to educate children in America. All the information about FED UP and the Kickstarter program ca be found on their Kickstarter page. 

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