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Expressing Motherhood is BACK in LA with a January Show

Expressing Motherhood, where stories about motherhood are told on stage, is returning to the Lyric Hyperion Theater January 18th and 19th. Tickets are available now!

Expressing Motherhood is a transformative journey that creates community and connection, reminding viewers we are not alone. Tears are shed, laughter is shared, memories are lived. For audiences who cannot enjoy the live stage shows, the countless stories of shared experiences about motherhood can now be enjoyed in viewers homes. Women (and men!) will find a much-needed community celebrating a most common experience – motherhood. From having children, to yearning for children, to love and loss around our own children and mothers, everyone has a story about motherhood.

Lindsay Kavet has been joyously directing her 4th baby, Expressing Motherhood, for over 10 years.  As a mom to three kids, she created the show for connection to other moms and to celebrate her own creativity. Born in Los Angeles but raised mostly in South Dakota and Iowa, Lindsay understands how much mom’s across the country need to be heard. Leading us through this series, Lindsay is the heartwarming host that grounds the collective stories through rehearsals to performances. Having performed in her own show many times, Lindsay can relate to the women as both a mom and performer.  She loves Expressing Motherhood and thinks it’s kept her sane despite tendencies for people in her family to lose their sanity. Additionally, Lindsay’s work has been seen at the LA Short Film Festival and read on blogs including She Buys Cars, Mom.Me, The Friendship Dialogues and MomsLA.

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