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Don’t Forget to “Fall Back” This Coming Sunday

gty_alarm_clock_bedroom_jt_121103_wmain“Falling back” is the time change you loved before becoming a parent because you got an extra hour of sleep, but that you now dread because your little one may wake even earlier than usual! Here are our tips to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

1.  Put your child to sleep at his normal bedtime on Saturday night.

2.  Your child will likely wake up a bit earlier by the new clock than he normally does, say at 5:30 AM (which still feels to him like 6:30 AM).  Psychologically, it can be painful to see 5:30 AM on your clock and deal with a child who’s bright and perky. You can try giving him some quiet activities (puzzles, coloring books) to play with if you’re not quite ready to start the day yourself, but unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do about his energy level on this first morning after the time change.  READ MORE ON SLEEPY PLANET >>>

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