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Dolce Isola

Dolce IsolaThe Ivy has long been heralded as an LA food icon, drawing thousands of tourists annually who hope to catch a glimpse of a movie star or at least eat the same world famous Grilled Vegetable or Ivy Cobb salad. The original location on Robertson has a cute cottage feel and is filled with colorful flowers on the tables and on the linens. The waiters wear crisp pink button down shirts with the Ivy signature floral tie and equally crisp white apron. Everything is delicious. But no meal is complete without dessert. And while the Ivy is an experience those visiting LA hate to miss, their bakery, Dolce Isola, should also be on that list. The bread, pastries and cakes that are made at Dolce Isola and served to you at both Ivy locations can also be experienced on their own….at their cafe on Robertson. Or you can order a cake to take home for a special occasion. Their special oder menu includes Fresh Apple Blackberry Crumble, Rasberry Pie, Key Lime Pie, Marjolaine Cake and Ricky’s Triple Layer Cake. You can order chocolate or vanilla sheet cakes in various sizes and for an additional fee they with inscribe something on the top or decorate it with fresh flowers and fruit. There’s also homemade ice cream and fudge sauce. But lets not overlook the cookies. There is no more delicious, more buttery, more decadent cookie than a Dolce Isola chocolate chip cookie. It is perfect in its simplicity. For contact info see their listing in our Biz Listings.

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