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Disney’s Cinderella at the El Capitan Theatre

IMG_1645.JPGWe braved the crowds and the tourists and the heat on Hollywood Blvd. and we made our way into the lobby of one of the most famous theaters in LA, the El Capitan, where countless movie stars have attended countless premieres. What better place to see Disney’s latest iconic movie, Cinderella.

The pre show entertainment included Rob Richards on the pipe organ playing every Disney tune ever. Then curtains were pulled back to reveal a scrim with the LA skyline and the Hollywood sign lighting up (ooh, aaah). Then Olaf danced onto the stage and sang “In Summer” for us. We smiled and clapped, a lot. Next we were treated to a special Frozen short where Elsa kept sneezing baby snowmen as she fought an oncoming cold in order to give Ana a real birthday…and Kristoff accidentally admits he is in love with Ana. It was truly adorable.

This was all before the movie.

And then, it began. The highly anticipated and much asked after  in our household…Cinderella. Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella is a visionary feat. If you want to get swept away in a beautiful magical world for two hours, this is the movie for you. If you’ve seen Malificent you will remember the warm glow of her world before she became dark and protective of it and after, when Aurora helped bring it back to its original state of wonder. Cinderella’s world was equally as bright, colorful, vivid and magical…in a more traditional European countryside kind of way.

But that wasn’t the best part.

Cinderella herself was stunning. “Have courage and be kind,” her mother said. “Have courage, and be kind.” And she was. A sweeter, kinder, lovelier girl there never was. Even the mice and geese agreed. Though her days were filled with toil and the people around her chose to treat her with disregard and disdain, she met each day with courage and found a way to always be kind. Life wasn’t easy for Cinderella, she lost those who loved her most early in life and her home was run amuck with cruel usurpers, but her friends, her little creature friends were always nearby. And its true, her fairy godmother was always watching. And when the moment arrived for Cinderella to shine, she did. Bedazzling dress and shoes aside, the truth of her beauty, her inner kindness and generous heart shone most. And that was the most beautiful thing of all.

And thats #WhatisAPrincess. Earlier today we hosted a chat with our friend and contributor Kristin Cruz of Moms in Media to address the question #WhatisAPrincess. You can follow the comments on twitter. We all agreed we knew many brave and kind women who we thought epitomized the characteristics most highly regarded in a princess…and most of all…in Cinderella. We can all take a moment to learn from Cinderella and share with our daughters the qualities we think make her so special. Characteristics we hope will shine in all of us. Granted, in the age in which this story was written, her only hope for everlasting happiness is a prince, but at least we can safely assume they will be running the kingdom together as equal partners and Cinderella will be positively affecting change in her kingdom. After all, we want to encourage leadership as well.

For information about the El Capitan Theater visit their listing on our site. You can also host birthday parties there!

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