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Discovery Cube Comes to LA

FullSizeRender (18)I love to take my daughter to museums. As someone who lives in the San Fernando Valley, I always find myself commuting to museums in Los Angeles, Pasadena and beyond. Finally there is a brand new children’s museum in our own backyard! Ok, so maybe I’m using that term loosely but with only a 15-20 minute commute from my house to the part of the Valley where Discovery Cube LA is located, it is like a dream come true for this mom!

Located off of the 210 Freeway, near the Hansen Dam Recreation Area, Discovery Cube LA has so many fascinating exhibits for children of all ages. After we received our tickets from the Welcome Center, we ventured into the two-story complex for some exploring!

Once inside, we explored the Discovery Market, where my daughter went grocery store shopping and learned how to make nutritious and Earth-friendly food choices. From there we learned about the importance of recycling at the Race to Zero Waste exhibit.

One of my daughter’s favorite sections was the Planetary Research Station, which is an exhibit in a small dark room with an animated globe suspending from the ceiling. Earth never looks SO cool in her eyes!

The Inspector Training Course is a fun interactive exhibit which takes you on a scavenger hunt. Your child is part of an Eco Crew, checking out different parts of a house and learning how to make a home eco-friendly. Working with a touch screen tablet, your youngster completes different tasks so that he or she can become a Super Inspector.

In keeping with the theme and setting of Hansen Dam Area, one can learn about the Santa Ana winds, pretend to canoe down the LA River and climb a rock wall in the Park Science section of the museum. We really enjoyed learning how the wind affects seed distribution in this hands-on exhibit.

Cube Jr. Early Learners Zone is for ages 5 and younger. On Saturday, January 24th, the Thomas & Friends™: Explore the Rails exhibit will be open to the public. In this exhibit, kids will travel to the Island of Sodor by train where they can load luggage, climb Thomas’ cab and explore the engine’s inner workings.

The cafe is even eco-concious! Bean Sprouts offers all organic food for adults and kids. They have a super creative menu for the kids that makes food even more appealing. We loved the Crocomole – half an avocado filled with guacamole made to look like a smiling crocodile.

In celebration of the grand opening of our Discovery Cube LA location, admission tickets will be discounted to $10 per person. Offer valid now through June 30, 2015.Check out the museum’s website for more information about Discover Cube LA.

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