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Dim Sum and Then Sum

Dim Sum

Dim SumWe’ve been driving out to Alhambra for years to get the lobster dish at Newport Seafood (luckily they now opened a Beverly Hills location), but it wasn’t until recently we discovered the dim sum gem of Alhambra, Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant. Empress is a well-known and favorite restaurant in the area and many Angelenos in the know have been going there for years. Luckily, one of our friends in the know clued us in and took us for a traditional dim sum meal last Sunday.

The carts kept coming round with endless dumpling and shu mai dishes. There were these incredible shrimp and beef concoctions wrapped in large flat noodles, pork and chicken bao and a taro mixture in a beautiful bird’s nest pastry. My daughter loved the little “dragon” meat pies and can’t wait to go back again. When the dessert cart came around we were really full but that didn’t stop us from trying the mango and coconut custard filled pastries and their famous almond soup which is a heavenly, sweet almond broth with a pastry crust baked over the top. And in case you’re there with group you should know that it’s customary for one person to pick up the check – who was paying was established with the maitre de before we even arrived.

If you want to stock up on sweets before you leave Alhambra head across the street to Diamond Bakery and grab a tray, The cream and custard filled pastries are delicious and their cakes are perfection. I personally loved the almond paste filled pastry with the sesame seeds on top. Heaven.


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