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LA COOKIE CON – Best Celebrity Baking Experience

COOKIE Kristin Cruz

COOKIE Kristin CruzLet me fill you in on why LA COOKIE CON is an entire weekend of family fun that you can’t miss. If you love to bake or your kids are “Jr Chefs”, or you’ve been looking for something new to do together, then LA COOKIE CON needs to be on your family calendar right now.

Our kids think life is one big fun-fest because I get to go to a lot of events for my job. My Instagram feed looks like a mini travel show. But honestly that also kinda makes me a mini expert on family activities around town. Since I’ve been to so many different things here, I can tell you truthfully that when I went to LA COOKIE CON last year, I immediately recognized it as one of the most well-rounded and expertly produced productions that I had ever been to. I felt like the folks behind LA COOKIE CON made sure there was something for all ages and all types of foodies. My kids loved the CityMoms play area and meeting their YouTube idols. I went nuts talking up the chefs because, you know I’m a total “chef stalker” right? My hubs Fireman Matt got to talk with other local food-lovers who turned their hobbies into businesses. We all found things that were made just for us.

Can we talk about the food?

The food is ridiculously delicious, and fun, and tastes even better because you can meet the amazing chefs who created it in person. So LA COOKIE CON is kind of like sitting on the couch and watching your favorite cooking show on TV, but you actually get to see the stars from your favorite shows up close and eat and taste and sample all the gourmet treats right there! You know I can’t cook. But I am an expert eater 😉 I appreciated LA COOKIE CON on so many levels.

There I am in the kids area with Baking With Melissa last year. Here are all the details to get you IN this year:

What: LA Cookie Con
When: Feb 18th & 19th 2017
Where: L.A. Convention Center

Start making your plans now for LA COOKIE CON 2017. It’s 2 weeks after Super Bowl this year. That’s right. The boys get to have their Super Bowl and then we get to have ours.

la cookie con baking eventFor our “big game” we can expect some of the same things too, like: All the excitement leading up to it. Awesome game-day snacks. Gathering up all our friends. A big turnout of a great crowd of fans and some key players that we can’t wait to see in action. It’s the Super Bowl of Baking.

The three top speakers at LA COOKIE CON this year are featuring incredible headliners: Chef Duff Goldman “Cakemasters”, Elise Strachan Chef & creator of the My Cupcake Addiction brand, and YouTube star Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies.

If you have a kid hat watches any YouTube channels, then I guarantee they’ve heard of Rosanna. My daughter started watching her kid-friendly cooking videos when she was about 5 years old. We were both hooked because “Ro” baked little characters from Izzy’s favorite video games, in tiny cute edible form. Now Ro’s channels are at the top of My Favorite DIY Videos on my YouTube Channel. Check out her cooking videos with your kids and you’ll be the #CoolestMomEver.

Cruz Kids LA Cookie ConAt LA Cookie Con there’s an area perfect for the littles where they play and decorate and talk to vendors that make it their business to know how to make kids happy. Sweet treats and entertainment is all included in your ticket price!

As a mompreneur myself, I enjoy speaking with owners of local start-ups that have booths in LA COOKIE CONn. I can hear the real stories behind their success, and cheer them on with positive feedback. Any business owner loves hearing direct feedback like that. These convo’s are one of my favorite things about the event. It’s a real community, and it feels good to become a part of somebody’s local fan base after getting to know them.

I’m also looking forward to trying new desserts that I’ve never had before and seeing the incredible displays of the fondant cakes towering above the tables- I mean just spectacular!

I can’t wait to find the Red Wine Chocolate Cake-In-A-Jar booth! Did I say that out loud?

Before I get too distracted with what I’m planning to eat, I want to make sure you get your tickets with a special 10% OFF DISCOUNT. Go to the LACOOKIECON.COM website & scroll down to sign-up for their newsletter. Where else are you gonna find all these delicious things I’ve described for you, and get a crazy deal too?

At LA COOKIE CON you can just take your time, walk around, and enjoy your day eating cake-in-a jar and chatting with like-minded foodies. It is a weekend to remember and it is an event that you just can’t miss here in LA.

LA Cookie Con Kristin CruzI’ll see you there this year. Bring your spoons! Just kidding. They have spoons there (I always have bendy straws and spoons in my purse because I’m a mom, so you can always just find me and ask me for one.) Just bring your appetite, your smiles, and anybody you know who loves sweet treats.

UP NEXT: Check out more videos of my family last year having a great time at LA COOKIE CON 2016.

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