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News Quickies Breaks Down the News for Moms

New Quickies is Stephanie Martinez’ brilliant new web series that breaks down the news in just a few minutes. As a busy mom, especially when your kids are little, staying up on current affairs is next to impossible. Who…

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

We hope you’re having a wonderful winter break already. If you’re looking for places to get in the holiday spirit this week check our this list on the Examiner or Red Tri’s list of best light displays. Looking for…


What We Are Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Galite and I were chatting this morning, like we do every morning, about our day, our to do list and our business when I stopped and asked her “What are you thankful for this year?” And here’s what we…


Why We Do What We Do

Last year Galite and I formed MomAngeles Media LLC, the parent company of our websites MomAngeles, TheMomFair and the Mommy Awards (which is produced in partnership with The Pump Station & Nurtury). MomAngeles was created for the sole purpose…