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Catch the Hatch!

Did you know that the chile is not native to America? That’s right. Christopher Columbus discovered the chile in the Caribbean and took it back to Spain where it went through years of hybridization and eventually made its way…

At Home:Jennifer Ginsberg Intuitive Chef
Cooking Home

Jennifer Ginsberg Intuitive Chef

I was recently a guest at friend’s home where I had the chance to meet the lovely and very talented “intuitive chef” Jennifer Ginsberg. She was tossing up a beautiful kale, golden raisin, pine nut, feta and lemon dressing…

At Home:Lunchbox and School Snack Idea
Cooking Home

Lunchbox and School Snack Idea

I was recently at a dinner party chatting with the Moms about how much we struggle with ideas for lunch and snack, when one of the Moms offered this terrific idea…muffins. They seem like a treat but you can…