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Letter from the Editor: Women’s History, Rights and March

I’ve been thinking a lot about women’s rights and women’s accomplishments recently. Perhaps its that the past few months have been all about narrowing and focusing our own companies’ efforts and how we as a business support women. Or…


Venture Funding for Women, The story behind SheEO

I was standing on the entryway to the boat as it gently swayed in the marina, peppering the woman greeting us with a million questions. What is SheEO? How did you get involved? What do you do? She was gracious with…


The Headshot Truck is Coming to MomFair

I struggle with headshots. I do. I’ve had a number of really amazing photographers take some really professional pictures of me the last few years, but I still haven’t felt like any of them were 100% me. You know…

Rodan and Fields
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Work at Home: Rodan & Fields

Proactiv®. There I said it. Proactiv®. The most well-marketed skin-care solution today. You can’t go to a mall without coming face to face with some fresh new starlet who is proclaiming the benefits of Proactiv®Solution and how it wins the…