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Why Moms Should REALLY Love Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an epic movie that will inspire generations of young women to be honest, worthy and honorable and to fight for what is right. But there’s something else in this movie…for us moms to cheer for…the casting…

Give Aways Movies

Monster Truck Movie: For Kids Only

What do you get when you cross E.T., Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang, and Garage Monkey? You get Monster Truck! This movie is made for one crowd only-8 year old (boys, most likely). They will LOVE it. You, however, will…


Movie Review: Finding Dory

“Hee hee hee hee ha ha – awww!” That was us through the entire movie as we laughed and cried with Dory on her epic ocean adventure to find her parents. Dory finally remembers something – her family –…

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Best of LA Movies

Alice, Mad Hatters and X Men Oh My!

Thinking about hitting the theatres this weekend with your kids? Here’s some advice from our friends at Common Sense Media. If you are regularly checking their site for reviews and helpful advice about age appropriate content, and the types…