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#BusyParentApps Bring the Workouts to You with LA’s Best Personal Trainers via New App FitSpot

IMG22661435102295You’ve seen countless ads on tv and flipped past them in magazines talking about making working out convenient with “20 Minute Abs” and “Workout at Your Desk” gimmicks to get you moving in shorter spurts. Anything to try and make fitness convenient. Fitness is a lifestyle and in California its a way of life and now moms and dads…it truly IS convenient thanks to FitSpotApp. Just download the app on your phone and create a profile. This new mobile app connects you with certified fitness trainers so you can fit in a workout in anytime, anywhere.

What kind of workouts?  You name it. You will never get bored with the endless array of workouts – pilates, yoga, weight training, there’s over 200 workout options with Fitspot. Plus you don’t have to workout alone!  You can share your session with another Fitspotter and pay for the split right in the app. The Fitspot app is free. You pay on a session-by-session basis. Single sessions start at just $59. You can also split sessions with other Fitspotters and pay $70 for duets and $90 for triple play.

Just like with UrbanSitter or Uber you book online and a trainer gets sent to you at your location. If you like that trainer and want to work out with them again, you can follow that trainer on Fitspot to see their schedule and request sessions directly. Already have a trainer and they are asking you to book through Fitspot? Ask your trainer for their Fitspot Key. This is a code that you can add to your profile to allow you to see your trainer’s schedule.

All Fitspot trainers are screened by Fitspot and undergo an independent background check. Fitspot checks their qualifications and experience to make sure that the training you receive is high quality. You can also see how other Fitspotters have rated them – just take a look at their profile.

Fitspot is part of our Perks Program! See their listing on our site for details. 


Fitspot is the second app in our #BusyParentApps series highlighting apps that make life easier for busy parents. Tune in over the coming weeks as we bring you more cool apps that increase the efficiency of your life and bring much needed services to your doorstep.

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