Brand New Mickey Mouse Experience on Disney Junior

A brand new Mickey Mouse experience just arrived on Disney Junior! If your littlest ones love all things Mickey Mouse, then Disney Junior’s “Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures” was made for YOU!

Complete with an all new version of that catchy “Hot Dog Song”, this new TV show from Disney Junior captures the attention of your youngest Disney fan, just as Mickey has captured our hearts for so many years. The theme song for Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures is an absolute toe-tapper. I posted videos of the happiest littles dancing to the new tune inside the Disney Channel building during a recent private screening.  See all the pictures here. 


If you’re a Mom with kids in Los Angeles and you’re always on social media (like me!) then you might have been at our special screening event. If so, please give yourself a shout out in the comments below! I want to thank you for joining us for such a fun morning. Disney Junior designed a decked-out Mickey themed room filled with new merchandise and endless hot dogs made by the Disney chefs. We ate hot dogs for breakfast and danced our hearts out!

Are you a Mom looking for shows that won’t disappoint? (I know, as a mom, we are always looking for something good to watch on TV!) I can promise this is a fresh new program your smallest critics will get excited about! Fresh fun episodes of Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures are new each week on the Disney Now App. I keep that app on the front page of my iphone because my kids always take my phone. Always! If you ever call me and you’re sent straight to voice-mail, then I bet a kid has my phone and declined your call. Leave me a message so I can call you back when they are 18.


Here’s what you need to know:

Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures debuted Monday October 14th on Disney Junior, Disney Channel and Disney now. Currently available in their regular programming rotation and on demand.  



Pro Tip: 

Get that Disney Now App because we downloaded it on all of our devices and now it’s the go-to App on the front page of the kids’ iPads. By the way, I personally approve of all the shows that are available on there for my kids to watch, unlike some other apps that are supposed to have kid-friendly entertainment. The Disney entertainment apps are a sigh of relief for moms who worry, like me. This is good quality entertainment, while also being digitally super convenient.


The show takes Mickey and the Gang along with friends Chip and Dale on zany new adventures all around Hot dog Hills in fun locales. Each episode features a mid-episode dance break in which Mickey and the Gang invite viewers to dance along to the newly updated Hot Dog Song. Getting the kids moving their bodies is a priority for so many of us moms and this show is a wonderful way to shake the mom-guilt of letting your kid have screen time instead of playing outside. IMPO of course. Hey sometimes we have stuff to do in the kitchen and we need to keep our little one busy nearby us, so the iPad is a good way to do that. With Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures the kids will be invited to get up and move with their favorite friends! To me, this is really smart indoor entertainment, or take-anywhere entertainment. 

On a personal note: I’ve done the Hot Diggity Dog Dance and I swear I am burning calories. I say we should be able to add a couple points to our Weight Watchers tally because I was workin’ it! That counts as cardio, right? 

The new “Hot Dog” Song was so popular with parents and kids that during the month of September when Disney had their hot dog dance challenge, there were literally millions of video views on Instagram and YouTube. Everybody went nuts for the new updated tune!

If you are a Mickey fan and you check the show out, please let me know what you think about it online. You know I live on Instagram and Twitter so hashtag your post with #MickeyMouseAdventures and I will let my friends at Disney Channel PR know that you’re talking about them. Who doesn’t love to hear someone has said nice things about them, right? Mickey wants to hear all about what you have to say and I bet he’ll hear! I mean he’s got the most famous ears for listening ever!

Mickey and Disney have definitely been listening to us parents, that’s for sure. Because, when we wanted more great programming with positive energy, healthy lifestyle concepts, interactive entertainment with good role models for our kids, they really came through! I think Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures is another modern take on a true classic, the way only DIsney can do it. 

Check out the new “Hot Dog” Song here in this video for yourself! https://youtu.be/MkXuD9HTyLk WARNING: It will be stuck in your head all day today & make you smile. You’re welcome.



Written By Kristin Cruz – @kristincruz for momtourage® media brands

Photo Credit – Disney Junior

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